Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where do they all go.....Socks that is!

What is the deal with socks and the Washing Machine or maybe the dryer is the culprit, but one of these two machines is a sock snatcher.  One of these days, someone will figure out where all the missing socks go to die.  I am almost embarrassed to say, but I have had a collection of socks that have lost their spouses for YEARS!!!!  I don't really know when this started, but I do know that it is now out of hand!  I can't handle these socks any longer!!!!  I will not go into another year with bags of socks lingering around my house.  It's time to play Matchmaker!!!  The socks that don't find a mate will be sent off forever!!!!!!! So, please don't judge me, but here they are.  The lonely socks that lost their partner....some recently.......some years ago.  I promise, I am not a sock Hoarder!!!
So, I started.  I found matches for some of them right away.  Then, I had to make piles.  I separated them like this:  Socks that said hanes on them (some in pink, some in green, some in blue, some in red)  Why don't they just pick a color already!!!!! Then, I put all of my Husbands work socks into a pile and then all of the adult socks into a pile.  I managed to put a pretty big dent into this disaster even though my one year old was mixing as I was matching.  Now, I am on a break.....from the socks anyway.  Socks are so boring!!! I wish they were just cheap and disposable. Wear them and then throw them away!  I have a feeling after this is over with, Goodwill be getting a pretty big sock donation from me.  No one needs this many socks in their home!

Well, now it is nighttime.  I must say, I have had what I thought was a productive day considering I did about 6 loads of laundry and paired about a hundred socks.  However, when my husband got home he was not interested in the 100 pairs of socks that were laying on the floor and in the basket, he was more concerned about the living room being a mess and the Spaghetti not being as flavorful as usual.  SORRY HONEY, I was too deep in Sock Hell to be worried about the living room and the amount of spices that I may have forgot to put in the Spaghetti.   My Sock adventures are over for good.  NEVER AGAIN will I allow socks to take over.  If you come out of the dryer and you've left a man behind, you will be sent to Sock Heaven, where ever that may be! I realize I am talking to socks and I must sound a little crazy.  Maybe I am, who knows!!!!  I had to show my progress!!! I know this seems silly, but the fact that we are going to wake up tomorrow with plenty of socks to choose from excites me a little. 
 My Little Sock Farm (This is not even half of them)

I would just like to say that I NEVER buy socks!  The only time we really get socks is at Christmas time when my Mom puts them in our stockings.  NOTE TO MOM:  WE MIGHT NOT NEED SOCKS THIS YEAR!!!!!

Now on to my Underwear Collection!!! JUST KIDDING!!!!

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