Saturday, November 12, 2011

Taking the Healthy Approach

For Years, kids have been forced to sell overpriced items for their School Fundraisers.  I dread the day that the kids come home with their forms to sell Cookie dough for $15.00 a pop.  One reason I dread this is because I am forced to buy it and then ask family members to buy it too. This is a little hard when there is two kids doing the same fundraiser.   We don't really have a lot of people to sell too, so that's a little bit of a burden too.  This year, I was pleasantly surprised when the kids came home with their Fundraiser information.  No selling Cookie dough, wrapping paper, over priced coffee mugs or anything like that.  IT'S A FUN RUN!!!!!  The kids are going to be running for their Money.  They are asked to get pledges per lap or just a simple donation.  I can deal with this.  Everyday when they go to School, they are awarded prizes for any new pledge they get.  The pressure to push Cookie dough is OFF!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!  I can't wait until Wednesday, to go watch my kids run for their Money!!!!  NO pressure, but pledges will be gladly accepted until Tuesday.  ;)  Hope everyone is having a Great Weekend!!!!

Here Colton and Bailey are with two of the Boosterthon guys.  They're twins too!!!

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  1. This blog is just SOOOOOO cute! Jeri, you're such a great Mom!!!