Friday, November 4, 2011

Dear Bailey.......

Dear Bailey Girl,
     Last, but certainly not least, here is my list for you. 

1.  You always take up for the underdog!  If you see someone is in need of a friend, you are always willing to do what you can. You are always genuinely concerned when someone is sick or lonely.  You have always been this way.

2.  You are at such an emotional stage of your life right now. DRAMA QUEEN!!! You can go from Mad to Sad to Happy in a matter of seconds.  I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR TEENAGE YEARS!!!!

3.  You are a Daddy's girl, but you will tell me things about boys or something going on at School and ask me not to tell Daddy.  I feel that this is something Special that we have.  Your Secrets are safe with me. 

4.  You are a Great little cleaner when you want to be.  When I am in serious need of your help, you will step up and do a Great Job.

5.  Sometimes, you will sneak into my bed in the middle of the night and I won't even know you are there until I wake up the next morning.  If I do feel someone getting in bed with me, I will feel your head to see if it's long hair or short hair.  You always say, "It's Bailey."

6.  If I am off somewhere and you call me on the phone, You always end the conversation by saying, "Love You, Bye, Miss You." and then you hang up.   You've been doing that since you could talk.  I would be good with you doing that for the rest of my life.!!

7.  Colton always calls on you when he is scared or needs a TV buddy or if he just wants someone to be in the room with him.  Sometimes you make him beg!!!!  He would Never admit it, but you are truly his number one friend. 

8.  I hope that you and I will Be Best Friends Forever.  Of course, I hope for this with all of my kids, but you are my Oldest Daughter and you have a Special place in my Heart. 

9.  There are so many things that you are starting to do now that remind me so much of myself!!!!  This would explain why I'm so hard on you at times!!! I hope you understand that.

10.  I love you Bailey Girl!!!  In my arms, I will hold you forever, In my arms,  I will give you shelter, still I know.....I can't always be there to protect you from this GREAT BIG ole' World, but I swear this much is true, there will be a place for you, IN MY ARMS.....Oh this Promise I will keep, as I watch you fall asleep in my arms.   (I've been singing that Mark Wills song to you since I brought you home from the Hospital, and You still to this day ask me to sing it to you.  You call it, Your Baby Song.

Me and You at the Rodeo in Feb. 2009'
We went to see Reba because you had become HOOKED on her show and really wanted to go see her.

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  1. This was so sweet! Thanks for sharing, it brought a smile to my face.

    Rachel :-)