Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Night Before Thanksgiving!

Like I said in my previous blog, my Parents are in town for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  My Mom's Birthday also falls on Thanksgiving Day this year.  Being that things are pretty busy from the time we get up until the time we go to bed on Thanksgiving, I decided we would celebrate her Birthday the night before.  So, here was the plan.....I was going to make a cake.....and I did.....but, it was getting late and I didn't wait for the cake to cool completely, so when I started to apply the frosting, the cake started falling apart (Which I knew would happen, but I attempted it anyway)   I tried to cover the mistake with more frosting, but that turned out to not be such a great idea....Then I thought, maybe if I added sprinkles, it will take away from the mess that I've already made....Nope, it just added to it!   So, when my Mom came in the kitchen and saw this cake, I couldn't tell her that I had made this I kinda told her that my seven year old daughter had made her a cake.  (Sorry Mom, that's the truth.......Sorry I had to confess....I couldn't lie to my readers :)  Of course since she thought that Bailey made the cake, she said it looked and tasted really good.   She probably wouldn't have been so impressed had she known that I was the one who really made it.  The idea of this cake was really awesome when I pictured it in my head!!!!!
So, Happy Birthday to You Mom!!!!!  Your cake was made with Love.....I'm sorry it looked like it was made by a 7 year old!!!!!

Happy 65th! 

Mom, I promise next year your cake will be prettier!!!  Either that, or I really will let Bailey make it!!!

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