Monday, January 21, 2013

Attempting Family Pictures....

We have never had professional pictures done as a family.....and I'm really not sure if we ever will.
Thank goodness we have some good background options at the Deer Lease and a sister in law that is pretty handy with a camera.  Although Colton and Kinley AND Greg for that matter tried to escape several times throughout the picture taking process, I was happy that we ended up with some good ones. 

Here we are...the good, the bad and the I'm not sure!

My Girls

My Boys 

Kinley felt like Bubba needed a little lovin'

At least Colton and Bailey were ready...

 One of Kinley's many attempts to escape


As you can see, Colton was not thrilled.

but he followed orders and tried to fake it...

 Not ready....and what's up with the flash of light....
dododododododo...( twilight zone.)

obviously all focus is now gone. 

Mommy and Daddy's turn

The kids and I thought it would be fun to try and do a jumping picture.
Greg was not exactly thrilled with the idea...

Hmmm...not so much, but Bailey gets an E for Effort!

Greg has put Kinley down, so it looks like he's up for trying.

O.K. now we just look like we're gettin' jiggy with it.

Forget it...let's just take a nice picture.

Pictures are done and these two can't get away from us fast enough....

Kinley wanted to jump some more, so here we go again.... READY



AND WE HAVE LIFT OFF!!!!  Well....Mama does anyway!

I have a thousand more, but quite frankly,
uploading these pics is not going as fast as I would like so this is it. 
Family Pictures accomplished!!!

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