Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Little Houston Texan!

It's Football Sunday and my little Kinley wanted to play dress up... so I figured, Why not stick with the theme of the day!


Kin Kin, You make me Smile!

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Kinley's three year old pictures

My Kinley turned three in August and as usual I decided to save some money and take her pictures myself.  She has never been to a professional photographer because quite frankly, I'm afraid she wouldn't even try to cooperate.  Thankfully we have a some great "props" at the Deer Lease so I decided while we were there for Labor Day, I would try and get some cute pictures of her.  I was praying she would be in the mood.  You just never know with her. 

We went to the Dollar store and she picked out some things that she would like to take pictures with. 
So....a crown, a boa, and some cute pink glasses later, we were ready for our first attempt at photos.

I couldn't believe how good she was. 
My Little Princess!

She also picked out these flowers at the Dollar Store and although I would have liked for her to take some pictures without them, she just wasn't having it, so our Dollar Store Plastic Flowers were a permanent fixture. 
I handed my Sister in law my camera and stood behind her and did everything I could to make Kinley laugh.
It obviously worked!


My Sweet Baby!

I was glad we got some good photos......I mean, we only took about a thousand!!!!
I love you Sweet Girl!