Friday, July 15, 2011

Vacation Bible School #2

Colton and Bailey are now at the age where they like to go spend some of their Summer with their Ninny and Papa (Greg's parents) Actually, Colton would go live there if we let him. This year they decided to go to Vacation Bible School in Winchester at one of their Ninny's friends Church. (This was their 2nd VBS this Summer) Colton wasn't really that interested in going, but he agreed that he would go and I think he had a good time. Bailey was excited about going (she's been looking forward to it since Summer started) She's my little Social Butterfly. She rarely meets a stranger. Give her 5 minutes and she'll know your whole life story and she'll be ready to be your Best Friend. I hope this quality sticks with her. I think it's a good one to have.

Here they are showing off their flower pots they made during VBS.
They wouldn't even let me have one of them.
They left them both for their Ninny.

This is Bailey and Miss Kay. Bailey LOVES Miss Kay. Miss Kay has known Colton and Bailey since they were born. She helps run the VBS at her church and has invited them to come since they were old enough. I'm glad they actually got to go this time. Bailey made her a pair of earrings and gave them to her on the last day. Sweet Miss Kay took the earrings she had on right out of her ears and put in the ones that Bailey had made. That made Bailey feel really good.

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