Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Easter Adventure 2013

Our Easter weekend started Saturday morning at the neighborhood park.  Every year they hold an Easter egg hunt for the kids and every year we attend.  The kids love it and I love watching them. 
This was the first year that Kinley fully understood the concept of Easter egg hunting. 

 Unfortunately we got there a little too early and they started the 0-2 age group a little too late and Kinley was about fed up with the waiting game.  By the time the whistle was finally blown, she was over it!  Instead of grabbing as many eggs as she could, she threw her bucket and decided to pout instead.  So, as any good Mother would do, I took pictures.....

What goes around, comes around.....That's right Kinley, I'll be pulling these suckers out in about 30 years when your kid is being a BRAT!

It quickly dawned on me that if she didn't get any candy, I wouldn't get any candy so I had to think fast and figure out a way to get what little eggs were left in her basket.  It suddenly occurred to me that she had NO IDEA that the eggs had candy in them so I picked one up off the ground, cracked it open and let the candy do the talkin' for me.  As soon as she saw candy fall out of that egg, she was on it like white on rice!  She couldn't get those eggs in her basket fast enough.

Once the hunt was over, she was pretty pleased with herself .

She and her Daddy went right over and sat down to check out her goods.

We had to wait a while before Bailey and Colton's age group could go, so we decided face painting would be a good way to pass the time.

Kinley said she wanted to get her face painted, but when it was time to get it done, she started having second thoughts.

We had to do a little persuading.

I had my face painted first to help with the persuading. 

Bailey and our next door neighbor Caitlyn

Colton and his friend Zane. 
Colton isn't a hug your friend type of Boy,
so I thought it was funny that Zane grabbed him right before I took the picture. 

Bailey and her friend Hannah.

The kids waiting for the hunt to start.  They were all standing around trying to figure out where the "golden" egg was.  Rumor had it that there was a free pool pass in three of the golden eggs.
Then rumor had it that a Parent and his toddler grabbed one of them up before the race started.
This did not go over well with these kids......and some of their Parents.

My Little Bubba

And they're off!!!

I can only assume that they are discussing the fact that neither one of them
had a golden egg in their basket.

All went well and the candy was gone within minutes!
Then...The next morning, the Easter Bunny came!
I say morning, but it was still dark outside when Colton excitedly ran
into my room to announce that the Easter had left him an AWESOME backpack.

and the water bottle he had been asking for.

and the Chocolate Bunny that he refuses to eat, but instead has it displayed
on his dresser.  He told me the other day that he was saving it for his son.
REALLY!!!!  My kid has some very strange sentimental tendencies.

Bailey got some one direction duct tape...
and who knew but she's not really
that into them anymore.

Kinley was a little tired. 

but not too tired for booger picking.

That's right!  My little country boy gets excited about rope.

Ranger even got some treats from the Easter Bunny.

Time for Church!
My son doesn't normally stand like he has to
go to the bathoom, but he's in this stage
where when Bailey touches him, he freaks out a little.
Hopefully this will pass.
So, we get to Church and sit in the middle of about 200 people.
It comes time for the Children's offering and all three kids go up to the
front to drop their money in the offering plates. 
Apparently, one time wasn't enough for Kinley because she waited
until everything was quiet and decided to run back up to the alter
which ended in an all out game of tag for me and her.....
A game of tag that included an audience.
Excuse me while I pray....
   Dear God,
  I can only assume that you surprised me with this little angel two years ago
because you thought I needed a lesson in patience.  LESSON LEARNED!!!
You can turn her into the little Princess I know she can be
In Jesus Name I pray, AMEN!!!!!


1 Peter 1:3Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.