Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I haven't blogged in a while, but hopefully now that Summer is here, I can get caught up...but I'm sure they will all be short and sweet.   I'll start with Softball.  Bailey gets better every year and this year I was really excited when the Coach asked her to be the catcher.  It also caused us both a little stress because this was the first time she had a really important job to do where all eyes would be on her several times throughout each game, but she really enjoyed it. 

She also liked the group of girls that she got to play with. 

and her two favorite coaches....
The Season was filled with fun, drama, laughter, tears, learning, great games and not so great games.....and of course at the end of it, there was a PARTY!!!!



I'm proud of You Bailey girl!!!!
  You learned a lot this season and you put it to good use!
I will always be your BIGGEST FAN!!!
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