Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dad's 2nd Grade Sports themed Classroom

This year My Dad moved into the Second Grade....Teaching the Second grade that is.  He got a new classroom that was now a blank canvas for him to decorate as he pleased.  I decided that this was a project that would be fun to take on.  I didn't realize until I got there that the classroom was so big.  Bailey, Kinley and I drove down to their house on Tuesday to start the planning process.  Wednesday Morning, we headed out to go to his School to start decorating.  Four Dollar Stores later, we finally made it.  The First Day I felt like we were going around in circles.  My Sister and her son came by and she helped me out with some of the decorations and my Dad organized his supply drawers and cabinets.  I got two things up on the wall and then they kicked us out for the Day.  Needless to say the room was left in shambles....

The Next Day we were at it Bright and Early!!!!!  I had to leave to head back home by 1:00pm so the minute we walked into the classroom, the work began in full force.  We had bought a lot of different sports balls from the dollar store so my Dad went to hanging those from the ceiling.  My Mom had the idea of making a family wall so while she was cutting squares and stems and leaves for the family wall,  I was creating it.  Bailey played a game and Kinley played, "let's see how much stuff I can pull out."

This is the Family Wall. My Dad is going to have his students bring in pictures of their Families and glue them to the different squares.  I think this was my favorite project.  Maybe because it was so colorful. 

This was made to go above the reading area in the classroom.  My Sister drew the little girl at the bottom and made the baseball diamond for me.  My Sister in law came by on Thursday Morning and made the clouds.  She was coming by to give Kinley her birthday present but ended up staying and helping out.  (I knew she would :)

I wish I would have had time to put the words on the Word wall, but I didn't.  I thought this was pretty cool because the ball that is in the place of the O in words is actually suspended with fishing line from the net.  From the picture it looks like it is on the board as well, but it's not.

Here's the Shoot for Success Banner, The Rules and the Have a Ball on your Birthday sign. 
All of the balls on the birthday sign are empty right now, but when my Dad finds out who his kids will be, he is going to put their names and birthdays on a ball. 

o.k. so I had to show a close up of the Rules board.  I'm pretty proud of the "Paper Doll" with my Dad's face on it.   I hope it gets a few laughs!!!

This is the Job board.  I had originally made one at home that was a lot smaller, but when I saw my Dad's room, I had to make it about five times bigger.

While we were at one of the Dollar Stores, My Dad saw these Trash cans and had the idea to put them on every group of desks.  I thought it was a Great Idea!!!  The little baskets are for glue, crayons and whatever else he decides to put in them.

This is the reading area.  We bought the little baskets at the dollar store and my Dad separated the Guided reading books by their titles.  I wish I would have noticed that one of the buckets was turned over before I took this picture, but oh well.

    My Favorite ball hanging from the ceiling.
    I wish we could have found more this size.

You probably wouldn't notice this if I didn't point it out, but there are only half of the ABC's displayed above the center board.  While my Dad was putting them up, he had them sitting on the top of the board and half of them fell behind the board.  Needless to say there was no way of getting them so he will be purchasing a new set of ABC's...

 The classroom from another angle.

I think my Dad was pleased with the end result.

I came home and of course that night while I was trying to fall asleep, I thought of all of the things I forgot to do or would have liked to do.  I do not like being on a time crunch, but I usually am........
All in all I think it turned out great! 

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  1. Jeri, I love your blog, mainly because I love your parents, I love picures, and I love little kids. So sweet girl when you put them all together.....then I love your blog. I also looked at the building of the back yard tree house. That also was good.

  2. Great Job on the classroom! I didn't remember that your dad was a teacher. Boy, it's been a while. I'm sure he loved having his girls there to help him decorate. I've been working on my classroom for a week and a half (a few hours a day) and am not ready yet. I still have a week till the kids come back but will be in meetings for most of the week. Oh well, it will get done, one way or another. :0) Wish I had a creative little elf or two, like your dad.

    1. Thanks Paula! My Dad hasn't always been a Teacher. I THINK it's been about 10 years now. Good Luck with your room. I'm sure it will be Great!

  3. I'm using SO many of your ideas for my classroom! I'm a first year teacher and can't wait to get this year started and have a ball of a time! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  4. A.R.G. - I don't know why I'm just now seeing this comment, but THANK YOU....a year later!!!! I hope your classroom turned out just like you wanted!!! Thanks for reading!