Monday, August 6, 2012

Kinley Turns TWO!

Yesterday was my Baby Girls Second Birthday.  I must admit I felt a little guilty not having a party for her, but it would have had to be an out of town party (considering we don't have a lot of "baby" friends or family here in San Antonio) and I just wasn't up for all of that again this year.  She doesn't know the difference anyway.  To try and make it as special as I could, I waited until after everyone went to bed and decorated the table a little with balloons and presents. 

She was really excited about the balloons when she woke up and walked into the kitchen.
I don't think she even noticed the presents.

 She was also pretty excited that I put her in the middle of the table so she could open her presents.

 Here she is being shy. 

 My Sweet Birthday Girl!

Again with the shyness.

Later we took her to BJ's for Dinner where she had this YUMMY Chocolate Chip Cookie cake and ice cream.  It was sooooo good!!!!!

I can't believe my Baby Girl is Two.  I love you so much Kinley Girl!!!!

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