Thursday, September 29, 2011

I love a Rainy night!

I remember being a little girl riding in the car, going on a trip and it raining really hard. I remember how much I loved it. So relaxing to sit in the back seat under a blanket just enjoying the sight. I'm sure it wasn't as enjoyable for My parents in the front seat, but as a kid, I had no worries about slippery roads. The Sounds and the peacefulness of rain is so relaxing and cozy. Now, to the down side of this story....Rain is still a new experience for my One year old. I could probably count on one hand how many times it has rained since she was born. Rain wasn't a GREAT BIG DEAL when I was a kid because we got enough of it. (Especially in 94' when it didn't stop raining for several days causing our neighborhood to go underwater and a lot of people losing EVERYTHING!!! Including us!) Sorry, I'm rambling.... back to my original thought......we have been without rain for so long that when it gets a little cloudy or dark outside, we just sit and pray that the rain will fall. THANK YOU LORD, it did today. As soon as it started, we all ran out to the garage and opened the door and watched it rain. As a matter of fact, we still are. The kids ran around in it like it was the first and last time they were ever going to see it. Kinley just stood in awe of it. Hopefully it keeps raining into the night, because like I said, "I love a Rainy night!"

Monday, September 26, 2011

I DREAD the Dentist and the Dentist DREADS Me!!!!

If I wasn't so concerned about what my kids teeth would look like without the Dentist's help, I would drop the whole thing. Bailey is a breeze. She walks right in, does what she needs to do with no problems. Colton, on the other hand is a NIGHTMARE!!!!!! It doesn't matter what needs to be done, as soon as he is asked to open his mouth, he starts shaking and whining and clenching his hands and feet. It doesn't help that he has had some terrible experiences at the Dentist (He had a cap get infected and had to have the whole tooth pulled a few months ago), but it doesn't matter if they just want to look, HE THROWS A FIT!!! With these fits, comes CRAZY Mom!!!! I always have to go in and help hold him down and I get so FRUSTRATED!!!!! I mean come on, all he is having done is a little teeth painting and he's acting like they are pulling every tooth in his head.I had to tell the poor hygienist today, to stop explaining everything she was going to do to Colton. It just makes it worse!!!! She tells him that all she's going to do is paint his teeth so that he won't get cavities and he automatically assumes that she is going to put toxic paint in his Mouth. He stops her and says, "Hold on a minute, you're going to put Paint in my mouth???? Yes, Colton....Mommy is going to let them fill your Mouth with house paint.....Geez!!!!! I feel like everyone in the Dentist office is staring at me because I am not consoling Colton, but instead telling him how Silly this is that he's acting like a baby. The Hygienist said she loved me for this very reason. Sure, I hold his hand and TRY to make him feel better, but when that doesn't work.......Mean Mom comes out! It also doesn't help that I have a one year old that is running into every room to check out all the different procedures that are taking place. Holding one child down in a dentist chair and chasing another is a very difficult task. All I can say is next time, DADDY will be taking Colton to his Dentist appt.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's the little things that count

Yesterday was my 35th Birthday. Usually my Birthdays are just another day. Not really a big deal. This year, I felt really Special. I woke up to the Sweetest Post from my husband on facebook. That was enough for me. The fact that he went public about how he feels MADE MY DAY!!!! While I was getting the kids ready for School, Greg gave me my gift. Not an expensive gift, but one of the Best gifts ever!!!! A Slideshow of myself, and people that I love. PRICELESS!!! I was so happy to get that. He also gave me the SWEETEST card ever and a movie. LOVED IT ALL!!!! He took the day off of work so he could spend it with me. Like I said, in my Title, It's the little things that count. He arranged for my in laws to come into town so that he could take me to a Movie and Dinner. (The Dinner was expensive, but it was the time that I got to spend with him that meant the most. We don't have a lot of one on one time these days.) That really meant a lot to me because Greg isn't really a movie person, so I knew he was doing it just for me. He also bought me this lovely cake (shown below) I also love facebook, because EVERYONE you know acknowledges your Birthday which is AWESOME!!!! Everytime you look, there is a new Happy Birthday post which just made my day all over again. It was a GREAT DAY!!!!

I love these guys so much!

These are the Yummy Cheesecake Cupcakes that my Mother in law made!!! So GOOD!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am the Mother of a CRAZY BABY!!!

After having Twins, I thought having one baby would be a breeze. Boy, was I mistaken. Colton and Bailey were the best babies. They were good everywhere we went and never acted out of control at home...(When they were babies) Kinley on the other hand is OUT OF CONTROL. Destruction begins when this little one gets up. It's just one crazy day after another, but today was crazy enough that I decided to blog about it. First thing in the Morning is a crazy time around here. Getting the kids up, dressed, fed, making sure their teeth and hair are brushed, lunches are packed and we're at School on time while taking care of a Crazy one year old is work. Getting into the car and driving to School is the calmest, most enjoyable part of the day. Once we get home, it's cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, changing diapers and more cleaning. I'm not joking when I say this Baby is like a tornado! She is constantly pulling things out of cabinets, hanging from drawers, rearranging furniture, pushing buttons on the phone, banging on windows and on and on and on.... Today, she managed to throw one of the bar stools down on the ground hitting one of our electrical outlets and breaking the outlet plate practically in half. She found a candle somewhere and threw it on the floor shattering glass all over the kitchen. Unfolded my towels, right before I went to put them up, pulled my empty weight watchers carton out of the garbage wearing it as a hat dumping gravy on her head and made homework time twice as long for Colton and Bailey because she kept pulling their pencils out of their hands and ripping up their paper. To say my nerves are rattled is an UNDER STATEMENT!! CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sleepover's are a FULL TIME JOB!!!!

When Bailey asked me if she could have a sleepover, I said Sure. I mean, how hard could it be? They will just go in Bailey's room and play, watch a little T.V. and eat a few snacks right???? WRONG!!!! When I first got home with everybody, the girls ran into Bailey's room and shut the door. Wow, this is going to be easy....then Greg tells me that he and Colton are going to go to the Deer Lease. Thanks Honey, leave me with 3 seven year old girls and a 1 year old baby. That's so nice of you. After they leave, the fun begins!!!!! The night begins with Pizza.. Pizza's always a hit so we're all good there. Next, comes cupcakes. I barely had them out of the oven and frosted before they were being scarfed down. I don't mean one cupcake per kid. I mean they were eating them as fast as I could blink. The next thing I know, they are back in Bailey's room pulling down every outfit she has out of the closet. o.k. No big's a slumber party and the girls want to play dress up. Next, the bathroom. Bows, makeup, hairbrushes, hair straighteners, etc. were everywhere. I did have to step in at that point. I ended up being the hair dresser, makeup artist, and stylist. Apparently, the outfits in Bailey's closet weren't fancy enough for their rock band...oh yea, forgot to mention the rock to my room we went. Any costume jewelry and clothing with sequence that I owned were now on the bodies of these little divas....and yes, there were disagreements on who was going to wear what... I stayed out of it . Next, was the concert...and who was the audience???? Me, of course. They weren't going to let me have a dull moment all night. So, after an hour of guitar playing and singing EVERY SONG KNOWN TO MAN, it was time to get in their P.J.'s and have a Pillow fight. It mean, what's a slumber party without a pillow fight. Thankfully they let me sit that one out. The pillow fight turned into a wrestling match. I thought Bailey would just throw these girls around because she out weighs them by quite a bit. Boy, was I wrong. They held their own... No winners here! They would start to wrestle and start laughing so hard, that they would have to quit. I had fun watching it! Finally, about 11:30, I called it a night and went to bed leaving the little princesses to watch T.V. I came to check on them about 12:30 and one was on the floor asleep and the other two were sitting straight up in the love seat, sound asleep. I turned off the T.V. and went back to bed, hoping that we would all sleep in since it was a late night. WRONG AGAIN!!! About 6:00am, Emily stood at my bed side gently tapping me and saying, "Mrs. Kleiber, Mrs. Kleiber.... I slightly opened my eyes and she said, " I can't find Bailey or Hannah, will you come help me??? Had it been my own kid, I would have just told them to go back to bed, but since it was Emily, I got up to help. As were walking out of my bedroom, we practically tripped on Bailey because she was asleep in the middle of my floor. Hannah was still sitting in the love seat asleep, but Emily just didn't see her. They were up from then on. Breakfast, Trampoline jumping, snacking, more guitar playing, singing, board games (which I also had to play) and playing on the Internet and it was time for the party to come to an end. The girls didn't want to leave and Bailey didn't want them to leave. All in all, it was a successful Sleepover and I'm glad everyone had a good time. Bailey took a long nap once everyone was gone, and Emily's Mom told me that Emily slept for 3 hours after she got home. This is the beginning of the singing.... Even Kinley danced
Silly girls...
The Dixie Chicks! They had me take a Million pictures
Pillow fight in full swing. Notice, Hannah in the background still playing the guitar.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Colton is officially a Swimmer!

Colton has always done things in his own time. He never feels pressure to do things when other kids are doing them, and swimming was no different. Bailey started swimming and jumping off of the diving board when she was 5 years old. Colton on the other hand has never shown any interest. He was just fine with the life jacket and floaties. I've had people tell me, "Why don't you put them in Swimming lessons?? My kid takes swimming lessons EVERY YEAR!!!! That doesn't make sense to me. The purpose of Swimming lessons is to learn to swim right???? If I'm going to have to do it EVERY year, then they're not really learning to swim. Bailey didn't take swimming lessons and she learned, so I figured Colton would eventually catch on and HE DID!!!
This year he decided that he didn't want to wear a life jacket anymore. He said he would just stay in the shallow end and hang on to the side of the pool in the deep end. O.k. Whatever, in his own time he will learn. One day, he just did it. He just kicked his feet and off he went. Within a week, he was jumping off of the diving board. (of course the day he decided to jump off of the diving board, Greg was with him, so now he takes full credit for the Victory) I am thrilled that my Baby Boy is now comfortable in the Water and jumping off the diving board without any insecurities. Like I said, when Colton is ready, he will do it. He's been like that his whole life. Every kid is different and every kid will do what they need to do when they feel it's time. (I'm not talking about SERIOUS things...I'm talking about things that won't matter what age they were when they learned how to do it once they're older) I mean, I don't even remember how old I was when I started swimming or riding my bike and it doesn't really matter now. The point is, I can do it. I feel no need to push on most issues. Colton learned to ride his bike last year... Bailey is learning this year....That story is in the making....she's got the bruises to prove it!

Here he is ready to jump. (I think my camera put a little bit of pressure on him :)

There he goes!!!! Not sure what this position is called, but he had fun doing it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Silly Goose

This little girl CRACKS ME UP!!! She is always ready to make you laugh. She has become very interested in dressing up lately and then flaunting herself around. She can't always get the "costumes" on herself, but she will bring them to me and motion for me to help her out. I really get a kick out it.

Here she is in Colton's Cowboy Hat hamming it up for the Camera.

I don't even know where these glasses came from. They just appeared on her face one day.

This one might be my favorite :) She already had the necklace on, but she brought me the goggles and the hat and then bent her head down to let me know that I needed to put them on her.
I'm sure there will be many pictures to come of Kinley's little Costumes.... It pretty much occurs on a daily basis. :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Two of a kind

Bailey is the one who begged for a little Sister, but Colton is the one who really took to her from the very beginning. Bailey loves her, but Colton REALLY plays with her and enjoys her. He has no problem getting down to her level. He has always been a little rough with her and now I have this rough little one year old with a Giant personality. I sent Colton into her room to check on her and when he didn't come back, this is what I found. She was Super Excited that her Bubba was in her bed with her. I had to take a picture because I can't wait to share all of these "little" stories with them when they're older.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rise and Shine

It's getting harder to get the kids to go to bed at night, but even harder to get them to wake up in the morning. Granted, they have to get up at 6:00am, but that's their choice. They want to ride the bus and the bus comes at 6:40. Not a lot of time for getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing teeth and doing hair and of course get in a little cartoon time. I usually get attitude from them in the morning and they lay there until I absolutely insist that they get up. I can't yell, because that is no way to start the morning so I always try to stay calm. I do remember being a kid and not wanting to get out of bed. So, this morning I sent in the baby..... They won't get mad at her :) I put Kinley down and said, "Go wake up Bubba." She ran right over and practically did a nose dive into his body. (He made a bed on the floor in our room) Then, she pulled his hair (that's her thing right now) He was fine with that. He looked up and smiled and gave his baby Sister kisses and put his head back down, but he did get up a few seconds later and in a good mood. I might have to try this more often.