Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Colton is officially a Swimmer!

Colton has always done things in his own time. He never feels pressure to do things when other kids are doing them, and swimming was no different. Bailey started swimming and jumping off of the diving board when she was 5 years old. Colton on the other hand has never shown any interest. He was just fine with the life jacket and floaties. I've had people tell me, "Why don't you put them in Swimming lessons?? My kid takes swimming lessons EVERY YEAR!!!! That doesn't make sense to me. The purpose of Swimming lessons is to learn to swim right???? If I'm going to have to do it EVERY year, then they're not really learning to swim. Bailey didn't take swimming lessons and she learned, so I figured Colton would eventually catch on and HE DID!!!
This year he decided that he didn't want to wear a life jacket anymore. He said he would just stay in the shallow end and hang on to the side of the pool in the deep end. O.k. Whatever, in his own time he will learn. One day, he just did it. He just kicked his feet and off he went. Within a week, he was jumping off of the diving board. (of course the day he decided to jump off of the diving board, Greg was with him, so now he takes full credit for the Victory) I am thrilled that my Baby Boy is now comfortable in the Water and jumping off the diving board without any insecurities. Like I said, when Colton is ready, he will do it. He's been like that his whole life. Every kid is different and every kid will do what they need to do when they feel it's time. (I'm not talking about SERIOUS things...I'm talking about things that won't matter what age they were when they learned how to do it once they're older) I mean, I don't even remember how old I was when I started swimming or riding my bike and it doesn't really matter now. The point is, I can do it. I feel no need to push on most issues. Colton learned to ride his bike last year... Bailey is learning this year....That story is in the making....she's got the bruises to prove it!

Here he is ready to jump. (I think my camera put a little bit of pressure on him :)

There he goes!!!! Not sure what this position is called, but he had fun doing it.

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