Monday, September 26, 2011

I DREAD the Dentist and the Dentist DREADS Me!!!!

If I wasn't so concerned about what my kids teeth would look like without the Dentist's help, I would drop the whole thing. Bailey is a breeze. She walks right in, does what she needs to do with no problems. Colton, on the other hand is a NIGHTMARE!!!!!! It doesn't matter what needs to be done, as soon as he is asked to open his mouth, he starts shaking and whining and clenching his hands and feet. It doesn't help that he has had some terrible experiences at the Dentist (He had a cap get infected and had to have the whole tooth pulled a few months ago), but it doesn't matter if they just want to look, HE THROWS A FIT!!! With these fits, comes CRAZY Mom!!!! I always have to go in and help hold him down and I get so FRUSTRATED!!!!! I mean come on, all he is having done is a little teeth painting and he's acting like they are pulling every tooth in his head.I had to tell the poor hygienist today, to stop explaining everything she was going to do to Colton. It just makes it worse!!!! She tells him that all she's going to do is paint his teeth so that he won't get cavities and he automatically assumes that she is going to put toxic paint in his Mouth. He stops her and says, "Hold on a minute, you're going to put Paint in my mouth???? Yes, Colton....Mommy is going to let them fill your Mouth with house paint.....Geez!!!!! I feel like everyone in the Dentist office is staring at me because I am not consoling Colton, but instead telling him how Silly this is that he's acting like a baby. The Hygienist said she loved me for this very reason. Sure, I hold his hand and TRY to make him feel better, but when that doesn't work.......Mean Mom comes out! It also doesn't help that I have a one year old that is running into every room to check out all the different procedures that are taking place. Holding one child down in a dentist chair and chasing another is a very difficult task. All I can say is next time, DADDY will be taking Colton to his Dentist appt.

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