Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to......

I'm not BIG on How to Blogs because I'm not really a do it youself kind of girl, but I found this blog called The Organised Housewife and I was really impressed with what she comes up with.   Check out this portion of her blog showing different things you can do with a baby bed after your done using it.  I LOVE the Chalkboard desk.  SO CUTE!!!!

Saw this Quote and Loved it.....

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love the Weekends!!

I love weekends.  I love that no one has to go to Work or School and we can just do whatever we want to.  Our weekend started on Friday Night with a Surprise Party for my Sister In law Mary.  She will be turning 40 in a few days and her friends Mary and Heather planned a nice party for her.  It was a Beautiful Day for traveling and it's always nice to go back home.

Happy Birthday Mary!!!!

I love this picture of My Dad and Kinley. 

Towards the end of the night, Kinley disappeared for a split second and this is where I found her.

After the party, we drove to my Parent's house and stayed the night.  On Saturday we were back on the road headed home, but first we made a Stop to Toys R Us so the kids could spend their Gift Cards that my Mom and Dad had given them for Christmas.  It's funny how kids have no problem pointing out EVERYTHING they want when the Parents are spending their Money, but when Kids have to spend their own money, it's takes FOREVER for them to make a decision. 

Decisions, Decisions!!!!

Bailey decided on a Baby Doll and a Stroller.
I'm not so sure about this doll yet.  It woke me up first thing this morning Crying :(

Colton finally decided on baseball cards, protective sleeves for the baseball cards and some earphones.

Next Stop
City Market in Luling, TX
Apparently, it has some of the Best BBQ in Texas and had the line to prove it.
 It was really YUMMY!!!!!  Greg said he had always heard about this place, but had never eaten here.  He said his Grandpa use to make frequent stops to this place. 
I love trying out new Restaurants.  I give this one an A+!!!!

Luling, TX  is Famous for their Watermelon Thump.
Check out their Water Tower!!!!
Pretty Cool!!!!

We were all pretty tired when we got home, so it was an early night for us. 

Today was a GORGEOUS DAY!!!! 
I decided we would try and take some Valentines Day pictures.  It didn't go over so well.  Kinley has no interest in posing for pictures.......

Kinley pulling Bailey's hair

Kinley running away

Kinley trying to hide behind a tree

Colton striking his own pose

I gave up!!  The kids went straight to the trampoline, so I figured Why not????

I took some Trampoline pics just for the fun of it.

Time to load wood.....Kinley LOVES to help her Daddy load and unload wood.

 Such a Good Little Helper

The Kids decided to have a picnic in the backyard.  Dolls and all!!!!

After that was over, we settled in for some Karate Kid.  After it was over,
Colton kept trying to Karate chop Bailey. 
Now, the Baby is asleep hopefully for the night and the other two are starting to settle down.
Tomorrow is Monday....BOO!!!!  I hope this week goes by fast!
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When did I get this old?

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to make my way back home to go to my Very Dear friend Nicole's Birthday party.  Now that we live in San Antonio, I don't get to see my friends very often so this gave me an excuse to head that way.  We started out at Wolfies to eat which was great because it gave us a chance to catch up.

This is the Birthday Girl and her husband Louis.  I remember in High School when Nicole told me that her and Louis were dating.  I didn't really know Louis THAT WELL, but I remember being SHOCKED that she would date him.  Honestly, I thought he was a little bit of a dork (Sorry Louis) 
Now, Many Many years later, they are married with two kids and have to be the most Perfect Couple Ever!!!!  I don't think I've ever seen a couple that were made for each other more than these two!
I have lots of Great Memories with these guys!

Lacee, Me, Nicole and Erin

After dinner, we were off to Rookies where it became apparent to me that I am the Mother Hen of the group.  How did this happen?  When did I forget how to dance and be silly?????  I did take comfort in knowing that at least I wasn't the only one lacking the motivation to get up and dance and that I was also not the only one that didn't know all of the words to every song the band was playing....

This is my partner is lameness.  Sorry Lacee, but it's true!  We are LAME!!!!
While everyone else was dancing and Singing...we were sitting at the table discussing the latest calorie counting app for our phones........

Jennifer, Me, Ashley & Nicole

The Night wouldn't have been complete without a little Drama.  This conversation started after  two of the girls got into an argument ending in one of them walking out.  Sorry girls,  while you were deep in conversation, I was making light of the situation by taking pictures :)

Here is Louis singing and  playing his air guitar!!!! 

Rick got a wild hair and decided to break it down old School Style. 

Not sure......but with Ashley I never am.  It's one of the things I like about her.

Rick and Erin.  Aren't they cute??

I think Nicole had a good time.

I did manage to make it until the end of the night.  YAY ME!!!
It was great to see Everyone and I laughed  A LOT!!!!!  I love these guys!!!!
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lets Hope it goes better next week!

My Kids needed an activity until Baseball starts so I decided to enroll them in Karate.  Tonight was the first night.  Bailey was really excited, but Colton.....not so much.  I finally talked him into going, but when we got there and he was told he had to take off his shoes and socks, I could tell he was totally freaking out inside.  He has always had an issue with Something.  Last year, it was his legs.  He would pitch an ALL OUT FIT if I wanted him to wear shorts to School.  I have no idea where this comes from but he genuinely has these fears.  I had no idea he had a problem with his feet until tonight.  He just looked at me with these fearful eyes begging me not to make him take his shoes off.......then he decided he would take his shoes off only to remember that in a hurry he had thrown on his Sister's socks that had pink on the toes of them.....he took off his socks and shoved his feet into the insides of the jogging pants he was wearing and they did not appear for the entire class!  It's a little hard to kick when your feet are bundled up inside your pants :(  Watching him participate with the class was almost unbearable for me.  This rough and tough boy who last year held on to a sheep while it ran through an arena could not bring himself to do a push up or make a fist.  Why is he acting like this?????  He has no problem jumping off of the couch and throwing a kick in mid air towards his Sister at home.  Why can't he do the same in public when I actually WANT him to.   Why does he clam up like this in Social settings??????  I am frustrated. I was just waiting for him to run off the floor and flat out refuse to do anymore but thankfully that didn't happen.   I'm hoping this class will teach him more Self confidence.  I think that maybe when he gets his uniform next week, he will be more excited to participate.  FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!  Bailey did great.  She's NEVER had a problem making friends and jumping right in. 

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

I love Awards!

I am so excited that I received the Versatile blogger award!

I would like to Thank April from My Bizarre Family for thinking my Blog deserved an award. 
April's Blog and Videos make me Smile. 

The rules for this award are:

1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link back to them. (Thanks again, April!)

2. Tell 7 things about yourself. (see below)

3. Pass this award on to 15  blogs and let them know that they’ve received an award.

Seven things about My Bizarre Family:

1.  I love to blog....I'm sure you haven't noticed 

2.  I love Winter....Unfortunately, we haven't had much of one. 

3. I wake up everyday saying, "Today I will eat nothing but healthy foods", but I usually fail by noon.

4.  I would like to be a Nurse.  Waiting for the Baptist Health System to call me back and let me know about their classes.

5. I use to love to sing, but I don't think my voice is that great anymore.

6. I DESPISE laundry!!!! Who doesn't???

7. I will probably take a 5 hour energy today and hope it will motivate me to get some things done around here.

15 Blogs that I love and awarded the Versatile blog award to are...
(These are in no order)

Thanks Again for my Award April.  I plan on visiting all of the Bloggers that you gave awards to!


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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dear Kinley...Find your own bed!

Dear Kinley,
     You are 17 months old and your Daddy has made you feel as if you are the boss around here.  That's right, I fully blame him for your "I can do whatever I want attitude"  He has a soft spot for you my little monster Sweet Pea and therefore when he is around, you pretty much rule the roost.  You will not stay in your bed, which does not seem to be a problem for him, and as much as I enjoy the kicks to the face and the boobs and the elbows to the eyes.....not to mention the fingers in my ears or up my nose, I kindly ask that you find somewhere else to sleep.  I have had some tell me to put a net over your bed to keep you in it, but I fear that you might just naw through that and possibly choke on the netting.  (You're crazy like that)  I have also had people tell me to put a child proof device on the inside door knob, but even though the room is dark at night, I am almost positive that you will pull the dresser down on top of you or hang yourself with the curtains.  One friend told me that his Mom use to turn the bed upside down on him to keep him in.  I have full confidence that you would kick right through the bars.  You fear nothing which in a sense makes me fear you.  I love you so much, but I don't think we can be bed buddies so if you could figure something else out, that would be great!

Hugs and Kisses,


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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hoarders, the New Diet Plan!

Today I sat down to eat my Lean Cuisine Pepperoni Pizza and to watch a little TV and the first thing I see is a NASTY, DIRTY, MOLDY, POOP INFESTED Bathroom.    Yep, It was Hoarders.  I understand addiction, but are you freaking kidding me.  There's a difference between trying to hold on to everything that you've ever owned in your entire life, but to let these things pile up so bad that you don't notice that 10 of your animals are dead and buried beneath your piles of CRAP is CRAZY!!!!!   I just can't understand this.....and what's worse is most of these People live alone.  It's not like they have all of these kids to pick up after....It's JUST THEM, so when the TV crew comes into their home and films human POOP on the floor, guess what Folks,  WE KNOW IT'S YOURS!  We KNOW that for some reason you have gotten so lazy that you can't even find a path to the potty to poop or maybe you've hoarded so much poop in your potty that you now have to poop on the floor.  I know I don't have to watch this show and I usually don't, but as one of my cousins put it, it's like road kill.  You don't want to look but you do anyway. What really gets me is when the professionals come in to help, they resist it.  No, please don't throw away that petrified poop.  I've had it for so long and I don't think I can part with it. Sorry, I'm so focused on the poop, but that is mostly what I saw on the show I saw today. How do people stay alive in these conditions?   Needless to say, my pizza went in the trash and I felt the need to wash out my mouth.  I think I might record a few episodes of Hoarders and everytime I want to put something in my mouth that is not good for me, I'll just turn it on.   O.k. rant over!
 Bye for now!!!

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