Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lets Hope it goes better next week!

My Kids needed an activity until Baseball starts so I decided to enroll them in Karate.  Tonight was the first night.  Bailey was really excited, but Colton.....not so much.  I finally talked him into going, but when we got there and he was told he had to take off his shoes and socks, I could tell he was totally freaking out inside.  He has always had an issue with Something.  Last year, it was his legs.  He would pitch an ALL OUT FIT if I wanted him to wear shorts to School.  I have no idea where this comes from but he genuinely has these fears.  I had no idea he had a problem with his feet until tonight.  He just looked at me with these fearful eyes begging me not to make him take his shoes off.......then he decided he would take his shoes off only to remember that in a hurry he had thrown on his Sister's socks that had pink on the toes of them.....he took off his socks and shoved his feet into the insides of the jogging pants he was wearing and they did not appear for the entire class!  It's a little hard to kick when your feet are bundled up inside your pants :(  Watching him participate with the class was almost unbearable for me.  This rough and tough boy who last year held on to a sheep while it ran through an arena could not bring himself to do a push up or make a fist.  Why is he acting like this?????  He has no problem jumping off of the couch and throwing a kick in mid air towards his Sister at home.  Why can't he do the same in public when I actually WANT him to.   Why does he clam up like this in Social settings??????  I am frustrated. I was just waiting for him to run off the floor and flat out refuse to do anymore but thankfully that didn't happen.   I'm hoping this class will teach him more Self confidence.  I think that maybe when he gets his uniform next week, he will be more excited to participate.  FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!  Bailey did great.  She's NEVER had a problem making friends and jumping right in. 

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  1. Wow, this does sound tough. It's interesting how kids can be so different. I hope he gets used to it and I think you're right, hopefully it will teach him self-confidence...PS on a totally different note, I love the font you use...I've never seen anything like it, what is it??

  2. The Font is called Crafty Girls. Thanks for stopping by :)