Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hoarders, the New Diet Plan!

Today I sat down to eat my Lean Cuisine Pepperoni Pizza and to watch a little TV and the first thing I see is a NASTY, DIRTY, MOLDY, POOP INFESTED Bathroom.    Yep, It was Hoarders.  I understand addiction, but are you freaking kidding me.  There's a difference between trying to hold on to everything that you've ever owned in your entire life, but to let these things pile up so bad that you don't notice that 10 of your animals are dead and buried beneath your piles of CRAP is CRAZY!!!!!   I just can't understand this.....and what's worse is most of these People live alone.  It's not like they have all of these kids to pick up after....It's JUST THEM, so when the TV crew comes into their home and films human POOP on the floor, guess what Folks,  WE KNOW IT'S YOURS!  We KNOW that for some reason you have gotten so lazy that you can't even find a path to the potty to poop or maybe you've hoarded so much poop in your potty that you now have to poop on the floor.  I know I don't have to watch this show and I usually don't, but as one of my cousins put it, it's like road kill.  You don't want to look but you do anyway. What really gets me is when the professionals come in to help, they resist it.  No, please don't throw away that petrified poop.  I've had it for so long and I don't think I can part with it. Sorry, I'm so focused on the poop, but that is mostly what I saw on the show I saw today. How do people stay alive in these conditions?   Needless to say, my pizza went in the trash and I felt the need to wash out my mouth.  I think I might record a few episodes of Hoarders and everytime I want to put something in my mouth that is not good for me, I'll just turn it on.   O.k. rant over!
 Bye for now!!!

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  1. Watching Hoarders makes me want to scrub my house. Not that my house is dirty, but I feel dirty after watching that show.

  2. I am still not over last week's Hoarders and the "worst german roach infestation that I have ever seen", says the exterminator with 30+ years experience. Everytime I try to cook or look at a scrambled egg, that is all I can think about. Yep, great diet! :) ~Sonja

  3. I just can't watch that show. I could definitely use a new diet plan, though!