Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas at MawMaw and PawPaw's

This year we had Christmas with my Parents the week after Christmas.   

As I've mentioned before, it wouldn't be a trip to my Parents house without a few pictures of Somebody on the tire swing.

We brought Ranger along to meet everyone.
Kinley probably would have been just fine with leaving him at home.
PawPaw and Ranger

Colton is always finding something old and junky in the shed to play with and is genuinely excited about it.

Bailey with our newest member of the family, Conner. 
(He's my Sister's son)


MawMaw and PawPaw with all of their grandkids.

I bought my nephew Corbyn an A&M beanie hat and cracked up laughing when I noticed he didn't quite get it on right.
 That's better :)
of course I had to get Conner one too.

Colton got enough cars to last him his childhood!

Greg and Conner. 
Greg is such a natural when it comes to kids.
He's just like a big snuggly bear.

That does it for our Christmas! We are done and ready to move on!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Here a Jake, there a Jake!

I introduced Jake, our Elf on the Shelf in my North Pole Breakfast post, but I didn't really go into detail about what his purpose is.   He shows up everyday during the Christmas Holidays to make sure the kids are on their best behaviour.  Sometimes, he just shows up in different places in the house just to watch, but sometimes he brings gifts.....

Apparently he spent half  the night one night drawing a picture of himself with the Kids.  
The kids were so excited, but couldn't understand why Jake made their hair so yellow.
I couldn't understand why he didn't clean up his mess.....Shouldn't he be setting an example??

I thought it was pretty nice of him to bring enough goodies for everyone in the family so we could have a nice movie night!

He brought these glasses....When you put them on and looked at the Christmas lights..or any lights for that matter, they would change pair made the lights look like snowflakes, another pair made them look like reindeer and the other pair made them look like snowmen.  It was pretty cool!!!

We went to the Deer Lease one weekend and the kids were surprised to wake up
 Saturday morning to Jake and Smores supplies!!!

The next morning he was waiting with Subway coupons.
(We always stop at Subway on the way home from the deer lease)

of course he did remind us that it's not all about the gifts...

He showed up one day with his own little snowy play area.

in a bowl of candy...

tangled in some lights that Colton had hung in the garage....

and again with gifts.....

One day he  brought Tic Tacs in decorated boxes. 

Jake just hanging out in the tree

Honestly, I failed a little in the picture department when it came to Jake. 
He showed up everyday for 24 days and then disappeared on Christmas eve. 
The kids knew it was coming so they said their goodbyes.

Until next year!!!!

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Twas the night before Christmas and Santa Claus came to town!!!

The kids can hardly wait for Christmas Day so we always let them open their presents from us on Christmas Eve.   Of course, we take a few before pictures...

There's always a few with Greg's eyes closed....and I guess we should have turned off the cartoons.  Kinley smiled, but didn't bother to take her eyes off of the TV
Bailey wanted to take some pictures....

and then Colton.....

I'm not sure why I still had not turned off the cartoons.

Daddy and Miss "Tude"

Bailey asked for anything Zebra so she was really excited about her SUPER SOFT Zebra blanket.

Kinley was so excited about her Dora Bike helmet.....

that she left it on to open the rest of her gifts.

          Greg usually surprises me with something I never expected and this year was no exception.

Kinley took a break from opening presents to color every page out of her new Color Wonder book.
Ranger is so CUTE!!!

The next morning we woke up to see that.....
Santa brought Bailey a TV for her room.

and Colton got a new bike...

Bailey was slightly excited about her One Direction purse.
and her One Direction PJ's

  Out of everything, I think Colton was most excited about his Portable DVD Player.
I really can't tell you how many of these we've been through.

and just when you think you're's time to open stockings.

It's all opened and the kids are playing...and Mama is going to try and find a place for all of this.

 Colton wasted no time jumping on his new bike and covering every inch of the yard with it.

Kinley hamming it up for the Camera. 
Kinley got a portable DVD player too and a couple of new movies. 
She will be busy for a while.

It won't be long and everyone will be ready for a nap!!!  I hope!

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