Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas at Ninny and Papa's....

Our first Family Christmas of 2012 was spent at Greg's Mom and Dads. 
Right after we got there, the kids ran out to see Papa and Ninny's new puppies.
Little did they know, Colton would be getting one for Christmas.
He was so excited when he found out this little guy was his.
He immediately named him Ranger.

Then they tried to push the envelope by asking for another one...
We didn't cave!!!

Klay tried to get his Mom to let him take one home too, but she didn't cave either.
They have their fair share of animals already.

The rule is that everyone has to wait until after Church on Saturday and it has to be dark before they can open gifts.  I think the kids feel a little tortured, but they manage.

By the time Church is over and we get home, change into some comfortable clothes and get a little bite to eat, it's usually dark enough for the festivities to begin.
The kids pass out all of the gifts until everyone has a big pile in front of them.
Then one by one we open our gifts in an orderly fashion so that everyone can see what we got....NOT!!!!
The kids tear into their gifts so fast that nobody has time to see what anybody got and the adults haven't even began to unwrap anything. 

This is my niece Katie with her new One Direction IPhone case from Ninny. 
 Ninny scored big brownie points for this one.

 My Nephew Klay

 Bailey girl

Colton & Kinley

Sunday Morning, we all get up and piddle a little and then head home....

I think Colton and Ranger had too much fun. 
They were exhausted!

The End

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