Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let's Party!!!!!

This year the School Christmas Party took a new turn.  Usually the parties are held in the individual classrooms, but this year it was held in the gym and the entire School got the same experience and the kids got to run around and play with their friends from the other classes.  Best of all, the budget was all lumped together which meant bigger and better for all!!!  Unfortunately, a lot of my pictures came out blurry and I didn't realize it until after the Party. 

Here are our AWESOME third grade Teachers!

Emily, Hannah and Bailey. 
Friends since Kinder.
Did I mention this was a Pajama Dance Party!!

Colton and his Teacher, Mrs. Wheeler.

I was in charge of the Popcorn kernels, oil and Popcorn Bags.
After searching and searching for blue and white bags (our color scheme was white, blue and silver)
I gave up and ordered some cheap white bags, bought a couple of snowflake stamps and some blue ink and went to work.  I really like the way they turned out. 


I also volunteered to put together the Santa letter writing station. 
The box my vacuum cleaner came in really came in handy.

One of the great things about this party was that the kids had several things that they could choose to do throughout the party, but they didn't have to do anything they didn't want to. I was actually surprised with everything there was for the kids to do that so many of them stopped to write a letter to Santa. 

                        I am so fortunate to be able to spend these special moments with my kids. 

 Wouldn't be a "Winter" Party without a few snowy Christmas Trees.

Mrs. Osborne and Bailey

I'm not sure who had more fun dancing...the kids or the Teachers and in this instance the Principal too.

The Art Teacher, Mrs. Baum

The DJ did a great job of keeping the party hoppin'

He had a dance contest with the Teachers from each grade.
It made for some good entertainment.

Did I mention Kinley went with me to the Party.  She sat for hours watching cartoons on her DVD player and by the end of the day she was out!  (She took some breaks from the TV to run around the gym)

At the end of the party, I loaded up everything that was coming home with me, but I didn't exactly take into account that my kids would be in the car with me as well. 

It took a while to get everything wheeled out to the car and then get everything into the car, but Kinley never woke up...
Unfortunately, it was not an option to take some stuff back into the school and come back, so the kids decided that they could hold some things for me....Luckily, the school is in our neighborhood so we never had to get on any major roads...

Here's my son riding under the stroller.

and if you look closely, you will see Bailey somewhere under here...
This was a fun party to plan and I think the kids and Teachers all had a great time.  As fun as it was, I'm glad that it's over.  Next year will be here before we know it.

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