Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas at MawMaw and PawPaw's

This year we had Christmas with my Parents the week after Christmas.   

As I've mentioned before, it wouldn't be a trip to my Parents house without a few pictures of Somebody on the tire swing.

We brought Ranger along to meet everyone.
Kinley probably would have been just fine with leaving him at home.
PawPaw and Ranger

Colton is always finding something old and junky in the shed to play with and is genuinely excited about it.

Bailey with our newest member of the family, Conner. 
(He's my Sister's son)


MawMaw and PawPaw with all of their grandkids.

I bought my nephew Corbyn an A&M beanie hat and cracked up laughing when I noticed he didn't quite get it on right.
 That's better :)
of course I had to get Conner one too.

Colton got enough cars to last him his childhood!

Greg and Conner. 
Greg is such a natural when it comes to kids.
He's just like a big snuggly bear.

That does it for our Christmas! We are done and ready to move on!

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