Saturday, July 7, 2012

Landa Park

We live a hop skip and a jump away from New Braunfels, TX and I have been wanting to go to Landa Park for a while now.  The Kids and I attempted to go a few years back when my Parents were in town, but my Navigation system literally put us at a Dead end in the woods and told us that we had reached our destination.  My Mom and I laughed so hard, but we didn't end up finding the real park so we came back home.  I had no idea how much there was to do there, but I had been told there was a spring fed pool and I really wanted to go check it out.  Amazingly, I talked Greg into another Saturday outing and I was relieved to see what a nice place it was when we got there.  Our first stop was the Train.
Waiting for the Train to come.

 Loaded up.
 Kinley couldn't decide which seat she wanted to sit in.

Here we go......The Train just took us around the park so we could see what all was out there. 
After the ride was over, the kids begged for ice cream and it was conveniently sold at the Train depot so we gave in.

I think Colton wanted me to put the camera away and let him eat his ice cream in peace.  I guess I can't blame him for that.

Next up, SWIMMING!!!!!

The Kids and I were so excited when we saw this waterslide that dumped you into the river.  Colton, Bailey and I ran to get in line and Greg and Kinley went to get settled.

SO FUN!!!!!

 Bailey went several times!

There was a kiddie area in the River for Kinley's age too. 

 Colton spent a lot of the day in this position searching for fish.

You can barely see it, but Greg is giving Colton five as he passes by.

Colton ventured into deeper water in search of more fish.

Waiting in line.....

Kinley shielding herself from the Giant Raining Mushroom.

Greg standing in front of the Giant Raining Mushroom.

Kinley loved the waterslide too.  They wouldn't let me go down with her, but she was just fine going by herself backwards and all.

There was a play ground right next to the River and once Kinley was done in the water, she jumped out and headed that way.

Colton is such a good Big Brother to Kinley.  They are Buddies.  I don't know that cute little girl behind them, but she kept asking me if I liked her bathing suit and did I notice that it showed her Tummy.  She also would stop and pose and I would pretend to take her picture :)

After a few minutes of playing on the playground, we wanted to get back into the water.  I say we, I mean everyone, but Kinley.  She threw a major fit!!!!  We tried to keep her happy by letting her slide down the Water slide again, but she was so tired and cranky, that we decided to call it a day.  If it hadn't been for that, I think we could have spent the entire day here.

As we headed out, we passed the rope swing.  It looked pretty intense, but Bailey insisted on doing it.  She stood in line and was so excited when it was finally her turn.  Unfortunately, she soon found out that she was too short and they turned her away.  I really felt bad for her, but at least she has something to look forward to.

Goodbye River Swimming hole.  We will you miss you.

Once we were loaded up and Kinley got a much needed power nap, we decided to stop for BBQ.
Naturally we ended up at Cooper's.

My Baby Boy is a SUPER PICKY eater, but he loves a good chopped beef sandwich.

Another Great Saturday was had.  Next week is Vacation and I can't wait!!!! 

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. We all need more Saturday outings like this. Enjoy your vacation.