Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day Two....

Today started with me getting up a little earlier than I wanted to.  All the kids ended up in my room and two in my bed so I didn't really sleep that Great.  By the time I got up and moving around the Kids were already playing and my Dad was already hard at work. 

As you can see by the look on Colton's face, manual labor is not really his thing.

 Kinley found her way up the ladder so she could see what her Paw Paw was up to.
My Dad snapped this picture of her happy little face.

My Baby girl can be so thoughtful.  I guess she thought PawPaw looked thirsty, so she was trying to see if he wanted some Gatorade.  I know she looks like my Baby Boy, but the mosquitos were bad so we pulled some old clothes out of my Mom's "extra clothes" drawer and and tried to cover as much of Kinley's body without giving her a heatstroke.  She didn't mind at all. 

There is definite progress being made
Colton and Kinley getting more swinging time with their cousin, Corbyn. 

My Brother in law showed up about mid day to pitch in.

 He likes the smell of lumber so he was in this position several times throughout the day.

My Brother in law does most things bare footed and the playhouse building process was no different. 
Occasionally he would find one of the nails that the Boys had scattered here and there. 
Unfortunately, he would find them with his feet.  No real harm was done.

Check it out!  Progress!!!!!
My Dad said he should be done by Tomorrow. 

Later on we all came in and my Sister decided that she would cook dinner.

Some people just couldn't hang.....
I've always wanted to draw on Some one's face while they were sleeping....
What an amazing work of art!

Instead of Colton and Bailey staying asleep for the night, they are now up and basically considered their time asleep as a NAP so now they still have a while before they will be ready for bed. 

This Momma is tired so I guess I will leave them to their Cartoons and call it a night.
Tomorrow I hope to be Posting a Picture of the Kids Great New Playhouse!

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