Monday, July 30, 2012

Day Three and Four.....

Honestly, I wasn't around much for Day Three.  My Sister and Mom watched my kiddos so I could  get a much needed haircut and color.  I wasn't home very long before I left again to go have dinner with some old friends. My Sister did take a few pictures throughout the day.....

Tire Swings aren't just for swinging.  They are also good for just sitting and having a good conversation. 
My Sister brought over her inflatable slide and as you can see Kinley LOVED it!
Especially since it was really a water slide.
My Nephew Corbyn and Kinley

After I got home.....
Kinley wanted to play a game on the lap top but fell asleep before it could download.

She fell asleep just in time for me to leave for dinner.  I had a Great Time with my friends Nicole and Sabrina. We have been friends since High School and we talked about Everything under the sun and laughed a lot. I miss those days.....

Sabrina & Me

Me and Nicole

I was told that when Kinley woke up she cried for me, but she looks pretty content here.

The Playhouse is coming along but not as fast as my Dad would like.

I had lunch with Lacee today.  We've been friends for about 6 or 7 years but I feel like I've known her forever.

PawPaw laid down to try and rest a little, but Kinley didn't really let that happen.

I guess that's about it for Day Four. 


My Dad got up and worked on the playhouse some that Morning,

 but decided to call it quits early so that we could take the kids somewhere fun.  We decided on Main Event.  They were all excited about playing laser tag.  Unfortunately I couldn't get any pictures of that, but they all said they had a good time.  While we were waiting for them to be done with laser tag, I spotted a Virtual Rollercoaster.  I had ridden one years ago in the mall but it was nothing compared to this.  I asked my Dad if he would ride with me and he said o.k.  We were unaware until after the capsule we were in was locked and the projector was turned on, that this thing actually did everything the rollercoaster movie was doing.  When we would twist, the whole machine would twist in circles.  When it showed us being upside down, we were really upside down.  This thing actually took my breath away.  It was AWESOME!!!!  We were glad we didn't know everything it did because it made it so much better that way.
Here we are
 I told Bailey how fun it was and she couldn't wait to try it.  Paw Paw rode it again.

We decided to go bowling before we left.  The kids really enjoyed it (well with the exception of one) and we had fun watching them.  We hadn't originally planned on Kinley playing, but when she saw everyone putting on their Main Event Socks and Bowling shoes, she started kicking off her shoes.  Luckily, they had her size so we got her some shoes and socks as well.  She really took to it. 

My Nephew Corbyn excited about his strike!

Kinley excited about the Disco lights and Music that just started up. 
Paw Paw
Kinley waiting for her ball to come out.
Colton was off to a good start until he got in trouble.
and then he looked like this......

and this, for the rest of the night.
I didn't realize that the final score wasn't in this picture until I posted it here, but Kinley won :)

Saturday was our last day.  Here is my Dad and the Kids standing in the Playhouse.  It's pretty much done.  The Kids didn't really have a chance to play in it,  but it gives them something to look forward to. 

After being at my Mom and Dad's for a week, all of our sleeping patterns are off.  Hopefully we will get back on track soon.

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