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We like to get to the Beach at least once every Summer.  We usually go to Port Aransas or Corpus Christi and last year we went to South Padre Island.  We've never even considered Galveston because to be quite honest, the Beach is not too pretty.  I don't like to have to walk through piles of seaweed before I get to the water.  This year, I wanted to go somewhere that would be fun for the kids and have other things to do besides the Beach and where we wouldn't have to drive a good distance to find other things to do.  Frankly, I needed something that would entertain Kinley as well as everyone else and that would be affordable.  We chose Moody Gardens in Galveston and it did not disappoint. 

We checked in to the hotel on Monday and never had a lack of things to do.

This is the pool area.....
This was my favorite part of the pool area :)

Kinley getting ready to take a swim

 Every night at 5:30 the Kids Crew at the Hotel would bring out supplies for the kids to make Smores

 They all enjoyed them

Last year we let Colton and Bailey have their first Daiquiri. (The Kid version)  This Year, it was the first thing they wanted when we got to the Pool area.
 We did venture out of the Hotel Vicinity....

 These are the Crabs that Colton had his eyes on at the Gift shop.....We told him to keep looking...

Every morning for Breakfast, Sunny the Penguin came around to say Hi to the kids....

 Back to the Gift shop.....

Decisions, Decisions....

 Murdoch's (the Gift shop had a great pier for taking pictures)
It was also lined with rocking chairs so people could just sit and relax.  I would have been one of those people had I not had three kids in tow.

Colton had his mind set on a crab so we now have a new pet

 The Best Gift shop on the seawall (In my opinion of course)

 We ate at the Spot on our First Day.  It was a Burger place and it was Great!

We wouldn't want the kids to be bored while their Daddy took a nap.  Thank Goodness for IPods.
Geez, what we do without modern technology.

 More Pool time....

 Another Great Meal....

 Bailey would always run ahead of us in the Hotel so she could push the button on the elevator.

 Kinley found herself a "playhouse" in our room.

Hangin' out waiting for everyone to get ready for yet another swim....

The Hotel also had its very own Water Park called Palm Beach.  It was free to all of the guest which was AWESOME for us!!!!  The Kids LOVED it!!!!!

It had a nice lazy river

 Once we were done with the lazy river we floated right on into one of the play areas.

 One of the many sitting areas...

Kinley's favorite part of Palm Beach.....

This was Greg's Favorite.  It would play music right before it would sling water out.  Everytime the music started, Greg would be there in 2 seconds flat to make sure he was right under it when the water came out.  It's fun to see a 40 year old man have fun at the waterpark.

 The Kids took turns sliding down with Kinley...

 even though she was just fine going down by herself.

I had bought matching outfits for the kids... so I had to make time to actually take their pictures in them. 

When I asked Colton to put his arm around his Sister, he told me he would, but it would cost me
50 cents.

We went back to Murdoch's Gift shop to take pictures on their deck. 

Colton kept running off so we didn't get many pictures of him.
I wish Colton would have been in this picture, but he pretended like he had to go to the Restroom so he could run back and look around the gift shop. 

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  None of us were ready for our Vacation to be over. 

Kinley wasted no time getting comfortable in the car.  This really doesn't look comfortable, but she was asleep before we hit the highway.

It was a Peaceful Trip Home. 

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