Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bailey's On Cloud 9!!!

Today Bailey burst through the door from School and says, "Mommy, did you check your email?"  I say "Yes, why?"  WELLLLLLL, did you get the email from my Teacher?  There are several things coming up at School right now, so I have gotten several emails from her Teacher...Field Trips, Mother's Day Tea, This Weeks homework, but nothing so riveting that would cause my Daughter to be jumping up and down with excitement.  I grab my phone and glanced through my emails to see if I had missed something, and there was one unopened email from her Teacher, but I missed that one on purpose.
I mean, come on, the Subject line says Technology Showcase Presenters.  To be honest, I probably stopped reading at Technology.  I figured it was just another Summer Program that is being offered for a small fee.  Between Softball, Baseball and School, I am all fee'd out, so No Thank You!!!!  I go ahead and start reading because Bailey is standing over me with a big goofy grin on her face.  I'm thinking, please don't ask me to enroll you in something else that I am going to have to pay for.  Our Money Tree out back has yet to sprout any money and Lord knows these kids and their activities keep the bank card hoppin'!  The email begins with Hello all!  Our Comal ISD Technology Showcase is scheduled for next Wednesday, May 2, from 6:00-8:00 at SVHS.  I will be presenting on our use of iPods in the Classroom and would love for your student to come and share their knowledge of this topic with the audience.  I am only able to take 5 students, so please let me know ASAP if your child can attend.  I look up at her and she says, Did you see, did you see, I was one of the five students picked to show an audience (aka Teachers and other students) what I know about using iPods in the classroom.   Clearly this is something that she is really proud of so of course I jump up and hug her and tell her how Great I think it is.  She is beaming.  She talked about it for the rest of the let me get on with my real reason for writing this Post.  For those of you that follow my blog closely, you probably know that Bailey plays Softball and you also probably know that she's Completely uncoordinated  been struggling with hitting the ball.  Well, I'll just say it, she hasn't hit one ball or run one base ALL SEASON!!!!  She gets up to that plate and puts a big Smile on her face, swings her little heart out and misses every time.   She gets a lot of encouragement from her Teammates and her Coach, but the poor thing just doesn't have it in her.  Every game before we leave the house, I tell her, "I can feel it....Tonight you're gonna hit that ball and everytime before she steps up to the plate, her  Coach says, o.k. Bailey, It's your turn to hit that ball.  Sadly, every game she walks away from that plate with no hits, but with a big Smile on her face.  I dream of that day when she hits the ball and hopefully makes it to first base with no accidents.  Tonight was no different.  She would bat, she would strike out.  Of course her Daddy was able to attend tonight and he would have to run over and tell her what she needed to be doing to hit that ball. (Which I'm pretty sure she knows, but just can't pull it off)

I just happen to be standing nearby with a Camera and caught the, "This is what you should be doing" Speech.

Moving on to the last inning........Once again my Bailey is up to bat.  I've got my Camera ready just in case and the Coach says, o.k. Bailey, it's time to hit that ball. 

One of the Assistant Coaches goes up to show her once again how she should be holding the bat.

She Swings.  Obviously by the location of the ball, she misses.  She also has her eyes closed and that can only be because she must be praying that her bat makes contact with the ball.  Maybe this qualifies as Blind Faith.  It seems by her puffed up cheeks that she is also holding her breath. 

She swings again and misses, but at least this time her eyes are open and she seems to be breathing.

She swings her final swing and BAM, SHE MAKES CONTACT!!!!! I wish I would have gotten the look on her face when she realized she hit the ball, but I was so excited that I forgot about the picture taking.  She doesn't even realize what she has done, and everyone is Yelling, "RUN BAILEY!!!!!"  She starts to run, she doesn't fall.....I hear my Husband Yelling.....

DROP THE BAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Poor Thing got so excited that she forgot to throw her bat down and carried it with her all the way to first base.  (See it in her hand)  I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but with all the excitement I was lucky to get this one.  The one I thought would be good turnd out blurry.  Greg thought that was the end of it, but apparently in  Little League Softball they don't consider you out for running with the bat.  Either that, or everyone felt so sorry for her, they didn't bother to call it. 

Here it is folks!!!!  Bailey standing on first base for the First Time ever playing Softball!!!!

She even made it home!  She not only hit the ball, but scored a point for the Team (who I hope I don't jinx us, but proudly say that we remain undefeated!!!)  She is so happy and so am I.  Once she got in the dug out all the girls on the Team surrounded her and made a Big Deal about it and was so Happy for her. 

The Coaches celebrating Bailey's hit with her.  The Smile on her face is priceless.

I took this picture because of the conversation they were having. Mom walks up to tell her Little Girl Hi (She acted like maybe her daughter had come to the game with her Dad so she hadn't seen her yet that day)  The First thing that comes out of her Mouth is, "MOM, DID YOU SEE BAILEY!!!!! SHE HIT THE BALL!!!  Mom says, "I KNOW, IT'S VERY EXCITING"  Little girl says, "YEA, SHE WAS SO EXCITED THAT SHE FORGOT TO DROP HER BAT!!!!!!"  They both giggle.  I thought it was sweet that she was so excited for Bailey. 

Well, Thanks for reading about our exciting night.  I'm pretty sure that my Bailey Girl went to bed feeling pretty good about herself tonight and that makes me feel REALLY GOOD!!!!

Until next time.......