Sunday, April 8, 2012

Perfect Day for the River

One of my favorite things about living in San Antonio is being so close to the Guadalupe River.  Twenty Minutes and we're at the Guadalupe River State Park!  The kids LOVE it and so do Greg and I.  Last year Kinley was only about 8 months old come River time, so we didn't frequent it as much, but I have a feeling it will be a different story this year.  Once we got down to the River, Kinley was Super Excited and wanted to run right in.  It's funny how it takes me 5 minutes to ease myself into the Water due to the fact that it's FREEZING cold, but Kids can jump right in and it never phases them. 
Well anyway,  here's our River Trip in Pictures.

                                                          Here's my Little River Baby!

 Here's my Baby Boy.  He walked around collecting logs and sticks. 
No matter where we are, he never lets go of his Hoarder tendencies.

She is a definite Tom Boy.  Always has a Ball or a Glove or a Bat. 
Sometimes she hits the ball and sometimes she hits us. 
You never know with this one.

Bailey girl!!  She's always been my Water Baby! 

We can't go anywhere without these two arguing about something.
I'm glad I have the proof because I fully intend on pulling these pictures out when their kids are fighting with each other and driving them crazy.

Greg Loves his Babies!!!!

My Family!

Me & My Loves

Come Summer Time, this will be filled with People. 

Well, that about does it....I've got tons of pictures that I could post, but I'll leave it at this for now.

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  1. I've been to San Antonio once. It was hot, hot, hot. I could have used a dip in that river!