Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just some of my Week in pictures......

Kinley, right before she realized that we were at the Dentist.  This Sweet Smile didn't last long.

Kinley INSISTED she wear a black onesie that was too small and her Big Fluffy skirt to run errands.
When I say insisted, I mean she pulled it out of her closet and would not let me put anything else on her.  We were only going one place, so I said o.k.  We ended up meeting a friend at McDonald's and Kinley kept pulling her skirt up to her neck in the play area. 

Colton has decided he's into Comical shirts.  I think this shirt is pretty funny.  I'm not sure why he felt the need to put on the Roy Orbison glasses as we were walking out the door for School.  He's a weird kid and I love him. 

                                           Love my Little Yankee!!!!

We've got Spirit, Yes we Do!!!!!

Ready to Cheer on Bailey!!!

After Bailey's game, we went to a Mexican Food Restaurant which had very interesting surroundings.

Bailey finally decided it was time to learn to ride the bike that her Daddy bought her a few months ago. 

Greg got caught in a down pour while checking on his Brisket. 
I was already taking pics of the kids so I was happy that I got to get this pic too.

My Chunky Monkey playing in the rain.

Kinley received this sweet little outfit in the mail from her Aunt Mary. 
Thanks Aunt Mary!!!!!!

Well, that's all I've got.  It's been a Great Week!!  Until Next Time.....

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