Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lets Play Ball!!!

To me, this is the Perfect time of year.  The Kids are playing Ball and the weather is just hot enough that we can jump in the River when the mood strikes us. 

I'll start with the Ball.  I love being out at the Ball field watching my Kids play.  It's just fun for me. 
I like the environment, I like that the Kids are having a good time and I like the fact that I'm OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!  Lord knows, I spend enough time in this house during the week, so on the weekends I like to be out of it as much as possible. 

Let me talk a little about Bailey for a minute.  My Bailey girl WANTS to be athletic....she really does, but this Child is going to have to try REALLY hard before she gets it.  It just doesn't come naturally to her, but at least she loves to play and she WANTS to learn.  When it's her turn to bat, she gets up there and puts a big Smile on her face and Swings like there is no tomorrow.  Usually the swing is made after the Catcher already has the Ball in their hand, but at least she swings hard and she really does want it.  One day it will happen.  One day, that bat is going to make contact with that ball and my Baby girl is going to get to run to first base and I will be one proud Momma. (Even if she does trip and hit the ground on the way there)   I'm just going to have to accept the fact that coordination is not her thing and move on.  It's not the end of the World.

Aren't their uniforms adorable.  I love them!!!!  We have played three games so far and have won every one of them.  I think they play better because they look so cute!!!!  What woman isn't more confident when she looks good????

I think I will put that bat on my Prayer List.  I will pray that the Bat will somehow come alive and swing itself so hard that the ball flies so far into the outfield that Bailey will have time to run every base..........oh and of course I'll pray that the Bases are loaded and that way Bailey will be responsible for bringing 3 other girls into Home plate as well. Wow, wouldn't that be something!!!!   I joke, I joke.....of course I won't be putting something this Silly on my prayer list, but a girl can dream can't she!!!!

Anyway,  on to Colton.....Colton has always been a little weird and shy around other kids, but I am happy to say, that phase is gone!  For good, I hope.  This is the first year that I think Colton is REALLY enjoying playing Sports.  This is his first year playing Baseball and not T-Ball and he is now playing with All boys so that might have something to do with it.  I can just tell that he is really enjoying himself.  It sure beats his first year in T-ball where he would cry the entire game and his Daddy would have to pick him up by the back of his pants and make him run the bases.  He might have been throwing him from base to base out of frustration, but let's just keep it nice and say that he was helping him along.  Those days were MISERABLE and I am glad they are over.  I look forward to All of the games now. 

Doesn't he have, I am having a GREAT time written all over his face! 

Getting a little Pep talk before he goes up to bat.  I'm guessing by the way his knees are bent, he's practicing his stance.

He's ready!

I love this picture of him.  He was sliding into home and then just sat up so he could see what else was going on.  Meanwhile, His Daddy and I are yelling.  Get off the Base!!! You're done!!!!!!!  He said he thought he heard someone saying that he needed to go back to third and that's why he hung out at  Home plate a little longer than he should have.  O.k. Son, but next time just run through the plate and head to the dug out.  We'll let you know if something different needs to be done.

Of course, I can't leave Kinley out.  Here she is in a shirt that she found in her Ninny's (Greg's Mom) I buy random clothes at Resale shops drawer.  She's such a tomboy that it fits her personality just right.  This kid is rough and tough.  I can't wait to see what kind of Athlete she might be. 
In the meantime, Pray for me!!!! She is a Handful with a Capital H!!!!  

Well, it was a Great Day!!!!  After the games were over we headed to Willie's so Greg could eat some craw fish and I could relax and let the Willie's Sand box babysit for a little while.  On the way home, Greg must have been in a really good mood because he suggested we stop for Yogurt.  Stopping anywhere is usually not Greg's thing so I love when he gets in these let's do something unplanned and spur of the moment moods.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the Season.  I'm sure there will be more blogs to come on this subject.  Until next time........

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