Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Little Cake Decorators

Every year Colton and Bailey's School puts on a School Carnival.  One of the ways they get cake donations for the cake walk is to have a cake decorating contest between all the grades.  Last year, neither kid cared anything about it, but this year Bailey decided that she wanted to decorate a cake and Colton soon followed behind her.  Normally, this is something that I would want to take over and do it myself, but what would I be teaching them by doing that?  I'm slowly learning that it's o.k. to let them do "projects" like these on their own.....well, not completely on their own.  I do supervise and occasionally help out when needed.  Bailey didn't really have any big ideas in mind, but she knew she wanted to say something about the School with her cake.  Colton on the other hand knew from the start what he wanted to do.  First he said that he wanted to do a Rodeo cake with Cowboys and Longhorns and tractors......You know, all of the things that would cost me a fortune.  I had to remind him that if his cake didn't win, then he would have to give up all of the things that he put on it because it would be donated to the cake walk.  (The Winners get to keep their cake.)  He settled for a farm cake.  We went to Hobby Lobby and found some wood cut outs for 67 cents a piece. 

Next we glued kabob sticks to the back of each one so we wouldn't have to stick the actual wood cut out down in the cake.  I say "we" because I did help out with this process.  The Kids are responsible for decorating the cake, not prepping the materials.

It was time for the decorating to begin.  Colton used Creme Cheese frosting to cover his cake.....but we weren't going for the snowy farm look so  he spray painted it with green frosting.

Now it was time to start putting the farm together.  He started with the White fence that we had glued a sun and a Rooster too.  I had to keep reminding myself that this was his project and he could put the animals wherever he wanted to.  Of course I would make suggestions, but he put them where he wanted and I thought he did a good job.

For the finishing touches, he squirted green frosting around the fence line and around all of the animals.  We were going for the grass was growing up around them look. 

 Here it is.  Colton's Farm and first Cake decorating project.

You can't see it from this picture, but he had a bucket in the middle with yellow sprinkles in it to make it look like feed.  Good Job Bubba :)

 Kinley had her first experience with licking the spatula
                                     and she really enjoyed it!!!!

 Next up, Bailey Girl!!!  Her cake was a White Funfetti cake with Vanilla frosting.

I think Kinley was a little overly excited in this picture. 
She knows there is going to be another spatula coming her way.

       Bailey decided she wanted her cake to say TPES (Timberwood Park Elementary School) Rocks.  Of course I had to step in at that point.  I wanted it to be legible so I wrote the words for her.
       Bailey has pretty handwriting, but I don't know how pretty it would have been on a cake.

                      She sprinkled each letter with a different color,

 and then she spray painted around the edges with purple food coloring and added a little confetti.
She was happy with it and so was I.

Unfortunately, neither of them won, but we went to the School Carnival and Bailey managed to win Colton's cake in the cake walk.  Her cake was already gone by the time we got there.  Nobody got their feelings hurt and it was fine with them that they didn't win.  Actually, it didn't phase them one bit.  It didn't bother any of us one bit to devour Colton's cake when we got home either. 
                                       It was Yummy!!!

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