Monday, July 30, 2012

Day Three and Four.....

Honestly, I wasn't around much for Day Three.  My Sister and Mom watched my kiddos so I could  get a much needed haircut and color.  I wasn't home very long before I left again to go have dinner with some old friends. My Sister did take a few pictures throughout the day.....

Tire Swings aren't just for swinging.  They are also good for just sitting and having a good conversation. 
My Sister brought over her inflatable slide and as you can see Kinley LOVED it!
Especially since it was really a water slide.
My Nephew Corbyn and Kinley

After I got home.....
Kinley wanted to play a game on the lap top but fell asleep before it could download.

She fell asleep just in time for me to leave for dinner.  I had a Great Time with my friends Nicole and Sabrina. We have been friends since High School and we talked about Everything under the sun and laughed a lot. I miss those days.....

Sabrina & Me

Me and Nicole

I was told that when Kinley woke up she cried for me, but she looks pretty content here.

The Playhouse is coming along but not as fast as my Dad would like.

I had lunch with Lacee today.  We've been friends for about 6 or 7 years but I feel like I've known her forever.

PawPaw laid down to try and rest a little, but Kinley didn't really let that happen.

I guess that's about it for Day Four. 


My Dad got up and worked on the playhouse some that Morning,

 but decided to call it quits early so that we could take the kids somewhere fun.  We decided on Main Event.  They were all excited about playing laser tag.  Unfortunately I couldn't get any pictures of that, but they all said they had a good time.  While we were waiting for them to be done with laser tag, I spotted a Virtual Rollercoaster.  I had ridden one years ago in the mall but it was nothing compared to this.  I asked my Dad if he would ride with me and he said o.k.  We were unaware until after the capsule we were in was locked and the projector was turned on, that this thing actually did everything the rollercoaster movie was doing.  When we would twist, the whole machine would twist in circles.  When it showed us being upside down, we were really upside down.  This thing actually took my breath away.  It was AWESOME!!!!  We were glad we didn't know everything it did because it made it so much better that way.
Here we are
 I told Bailey how fun it was and she couldn't wait to try it.  Paw Paw rode it again.

We decided to go bowling before we left.  The kids really enjoyed it (well with the exception of one) and we had fun watching them.  We hadn't originally planned on Kinley playing, but when she saw everyone putting on their Main Event Socks and Bowling shoes, she started kicking off her shoes.  Luckily, they had her size so we got her some shoes and socks as well.  She really took to it. 

My Nephew Corbyn excited about his strike!

Kinley excited about the Disco lights and Music that just started up. 
Paw Paw
Kinley waiting for her ball to come out.
Colton was off to a good start until he got in trouble.
and then he looked like this......

and this, for the rest of the night.
I didn't realize that the final score wasn't in this picture until I posted it here, but Kinley won :)

Saturday was our last day.  Here is my Dad and the Kids standing in the Playhouse.  It's pretty much done.  The Kids didn't really have a chance to play in it,  but it gives them something to look forward to. 

After being at my Mom and Dad's for a week, all of our sleeping patterns are off.  Hopefully we will get back on track soon.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day Two....

Today started with me getting up a little earlier than I wanted to.  All the kids ended up in my room and two in my bed so I didn't really sleep that Great.  By the time I got up and moving around the Kids were already playing and my Dad was already hard at work. 

As you can see by the look on Colton's face, manual labor is not really his thing.

 Kinley found her way up the ladder so she could see what her Paw Paw was up to.
My Dad snapped this picture of her happy little face.

My Baby girl can be so thoughtful.  I guess she thought PawPaw looked thirsty, so she was trying to see if he wanted some Gatorade.  I know she looks like my Baby Boy, but the mosquitos were bad so we pulled some old clothes out of my Mom's "extra clothes" drawer and and tried to cover as much of Kinley's body without giving her a heatstroke.  She didn't mind at all. 

There is definite progress being made
Colton and Kinley getting more swinging time with their cousin, Corbyn. 

My Brother in law showed up about mid day to pitch in.

 He likes the smell of lumber so he was in this position several times throughout the day.

My Brother in law does most things bare footed and the playhouse building process was no different. 
Occasionally he would find one of the nails that the Boys had scattered here and there. 
Unfortunately, he would find them with his feet.  No real harm was done.

Check it out!  Progress!!!!!
My Dad said he should be done by Tomorrow. 

Later on we all came in and my Sister decided that she would cook dinner.

Some people just couldn't hang.....
I've always wanted to draw on Some one's face while they were sleeping....
What an amazing work of art!

Instead of Colton and Bailey staying asleep for the night, they are now up and basically considered their time asleep as a NAP so now they still have a while before they will be ready for bed. 

This Momma is tired so I guess I will leave them to their Cartoons and call it a night.
Tomorrow I hope to be Posting a Picture of the Kids Great New Playhouse!

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Maw Maw & Paw Paw's, Day One

As some of you may know, anytime we come to visit my Parents, it's usually only for one or two days and hardly ever for a relaxing visit.  We always have something going on and I feel like we basically pull in the driveway, unload our suitcases, pull out of the driveway and go to whatever function we came down for in the first place, come back, go to bed, get up and go back home.  We've been so busy this Summer that we haven't had time to just come hang out.  The Kids and I drove down this Morning and I am looking forward to not having any real plans for a whole week!!!!

My Dad has been telling the Kids that when we made it down here, we would build a Playhouse in the backyard.  It's something we've been looking forward to for months.  When we got here late this afternoon, my Dad had already been hard at work. 

The Kids were excited to see the project underway, but I think I was more excited than anyone. I was picturing a little playhouse like the one he built my Sister and I when we were younger, but apparently he has bigger plans this time.  My Dad is one of the Easiest going people I know and I actually enjoy watching him work on projects like this.  He NEVER yells or gets impatient and every time I mention an idea, he usually says, "We could probably do that."  We talked Swings, Hammocks, Porches, hanging plants....etc..... Who knows what the final project will look like, but it's fun to dream of what it might look like when it's finished.

Here's the crew minus Kinley.  She was in the original picture that turned out to be blurry, but she didn't stay put for long.

There wasn't a whole lot for the Kids to do in regards to the Playhouse today.  I don't think it bothered them to much.

Kinley, a ball and one of her many faces.

They did get utilized a little bit. It was nice to see these two actually showing some Team Work.  I don't get that very often these days.

Here's Bailey pretending to be helpful.

It didn't last long
Kinley discovered that she could get herself up on the Tire Swing and actually get it moving.

I remember when I was younger and all of us Grandkids would pile on the Tire Swing at my Grandparents house.  It was much bigger than this one.  We could pile at least 8 people in that thing and it would keep us occupied for hours.  Our favorite thing to do was  to turn the tire around and around until there was no rope left to twist and then turn it loose.  I can't even tell you how many times one of us got slung out, but we would just keep doing it.  I attempted this trick today as well by letting my son twist me up and turn me lose.  Needless to say, I had to be stopped early and it took me about 45 minutes to even feel right again.  My mind isn't taking this getting older stuff too well.   

The Grandkids.  We will be adding another Baby Boy in August.  NOT ME of course!!!!  I am done and will leave it to my Sister to fill the rest of this Tire Swing. 

PS:  I forgot to mention that my Parents neighborhood flooded last week and there are several houses that are being completely cleaned out.  I'm not usually a Dumpster Diver, but my Sister and I  set out today in search of any materials that we thought could benefit our Playhouse.  We pretended to be the Picker Sisters, but on curb sides and without all their creativity.  It was pretty much a bust, but tonight I rode with my Sister up to the Gas Station and when we were on our way back home, we turned down my Parents Street and noticed new items laying out on the side of the Road.  We rushed home, grabbed my son and Dad and went back and loaded up!  I was so excited!!!!! I can't wait to show you what we found!!!!! 

Stay tuned!!!!!

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