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A Look into our Summer so far......

I know my blogs have been few and far between and when I do write, I cram everything into one.  I have a good excuse.  My laptop Screen is shattered from the inside and the external Monitor that I have it hooked up to only works periodically.  It hasn't worked in a while and then today, decides to work.  I feel like something really strange is going on here.  I don't know if I'm going crazy or if crazy is going on around me.  My DVR is suddenly starting to record shows that I have never heard of.....meanwhile turning off the recordings that I want, in mid record.  Every once in a while, the channel will change on it's own.  Every morning when my Husband leaves for work, he turns the thermostat up to 78, but somehow when he gets home in the afternoon, it's on 75.  I get in trouble for running it at 75 all day, but yet I haven't even touched it.  My closet light has decided that it will work when it wants and will not work when it doesn't.  My House alarm has suddenly become moody and yesterday my Garbage disposal quit.  I even clean my living room Everyday and I walk out of there for about five minutes and when I go back, it's destroyed again....o.k. I know that one is my kids....I just thought I would throw it in.  I don't know if Casper has chosen my house as the new hangout or what but I'm not down with it. on to the real reason for my post!  Summertime!

So far this Summer......

My Christmas......

turned Valentines......

became my Summer Wreath

That's right!  I'm too cheap to buy the materials to make new mesh wreaths everytime, so I just tear the old decorations off and glue new ones on.  Luckily, Red and White has come in handy for me. 

Bailey decided to cook a corn dog in the microwave for 16 minutes!!!!

I still haven't got that smell completely out of my microwave. 

Moving on....

We made it down to my Parents house, but as usual, it was a quick weekend trip crammed full of activities...
We got there Friday afternoon and just hung out....

    My Sister and nephew came by to visit.  Yes, that is my nephew Corbyn with the funny face.  Very rarely do I get a serious picture of him, but that's o.k. because they will be fun to look back on when they are all grown up. 

 Kinley got a new dress from MawMaw and it matched her boots perfectly. 

 The Kids played a game of keep away on the back porch. Too bad the Mosquitos didn't keep away from us.
 The Big Kid joined in too. 

I think there is a little bit of an unfair advantage here, but the kids had fun.

 Not sure what this is all about, but it doesn't look like my child is saying very nice things.

 Not sure about this one either, but Corbyn looks a little worried. 

Kinley sat in her little red car observing....

 Once she decided to get out, Colton decided to get in. This may look like a bonding moment between Brother and Sister, but I'm sorry to say that it is not. She didn't want to share her car so she was trying to push him out the other side.

 Greg, as usual took over the cooking and was genuinely shocked that all my Parents had to cook with was Salt and Pepper.  He searched the kitchen, but there were no spices to be found.

 One thing I know for sure, is Kinley is no Girly, girl.  She likes to get dirty.

 It wouldn't be a trip to MawMaw and Papa's if there wasn't some tire swingin' going on.

 Papa is usually the Pusher.

 This is Kinley and my Dad playing with one of my Dad's GREAT Garage Sale finds.  It was a big hit!

 The Next day we went to Corbyn's 7th Birthday Party.  Once we got there, My Day went from o.k. to Can I crawl under a rock and start over tomorrow.

 Here's Corbyn blowing out his Candles.....  Before I go on....let me fill you in on what went on at this party...  First, Greg opened a can of soda that spewed all over my Sister's kitchen. Not really that big of a deal, but it gets worse.  During the Party, we hear a knock at the Door and one of the party guest opened it only to have some man, who we found out real quick was the neighbor across the street.  Let me rephrase that.  His house didn't face their house.  The side of his house faced their house, along with a privacy gate, some grass a sidewalk and a curb that he apparently owns or thinks he owns.  Next thing I know, they are saying, "Whoever owns the Black GMC needs to go move your vehicle out of the "neighbors" yard.    I go to my truck only to be greeted by this overbearing man yelling in my face that I have parked in his yard (Just so you know it was the curb and the grass attached to the curb) and broken all of his Sprinkler heads and that I would be getting a bill!  I apologized even though I didn't understand why someone would put sprinkler heads on the side of a curb knowing that people are periodically going to park there.  He continued to yell and inform me that Green is for Grass and not for parking.  That didn't really make since to me, but who am I to argue with an irate crazy person.  I moved my vehicle...that by the way was not parked on his Sprinkler heads and went back to the party.  A few seconds later, my daughter who thinks that she is picking up a nice tall glass of something red and yummy, quickly discovers that she has actually picked up a glass of wax that been sitting on a candle warmer all day.  She didn't even hesitate to throw this glass which in turn threw hot wax all over my Sister's new wooden floors, all over my Nephews gift table, and all over her.
 Could this day get any better!!!!!!  We had to leave the Party to head out to another Party, but first we had to go back to my Parents house to clean up and change clothes.  My Parents decided to stay at my Sisters a little while and just gave us their house key........WRONG, My Dad gave us my Sister's house key, so we had to call them and ask them to come home.  Greg had his mind made up that this should be the end of our day, but once my Parents got there to let us in, we did what we needed to do and headed out.  We drove around Houston a while because someone who shall remain nameless said they knew exactly where we were going but of course DIDN'T!!!!!  Thank goodness for Navigation devices!!!  Once we got to the Party, we were glad we came.  It was a Great Anniversary Party and we got to see friends that we hadn't seen in a really long time.  I wish I had taken more pictures , but I didn't want to look like that crazy guest that went around taking pictures of every little thing. 

They had a Great Baby Sitter there aka arcade.  It kept the kids busy playing and me busy pulling quarters out of my wallet every 10 minutes.

 Bailey danced with her Daddy.....
 and pulled Kinley around by her feet.

When she got tired, Kinley would pull her back for more.  Notice the big red bumps on my Baby????  The Mosquitos ATE HER UP!!!!  

I even got a couple of dances out of Greg.  I can't even remember the last time we danced.

The Next Morning we got up, ate Breakfast and headed home.
 Kinley wasted no time getting Comfy in the car.

 We made a pit stop to Buc-ee's.  Everyone knows they have the Best bathrooms around :)  As they say, "You have to Pee to Believe!"

 Once we got home, Bailey had a Birthday Party to go to.  It was at the neighborhood Pool and of course, Bailey spent most of her time jumping off the diving board.

 Aren't these cookies cute!!!  It was a Softball themed party and I thought they did a really great job with it.

 The Color scheme was red and yellow. 

 Before we ate, Lauren's (the Birthday girl's) Dad read a verse out of the Bible that was picked just for her when she was born and then prayed for her.  I thought that was pretty cool.  I have a lot of respect for this family.  They have six children and one on the way.  They are all home schooled and the most well behaved kids I have ever been around.  They are a Team!!!!  I've never heard those kids argue with each other, but instead they try to help each other out in every situation. 

The next day, Colton started Summer School and actually liked it.

Of course he refused to wear shorts until week 2.  It's hard to pry him away from his Wranglers and Boots.

The Kids went to Backyard Bible School

 Kinley....just because.....

For Father's Day, we went to the Deer Lease where Kinley did what she loves most.....

 Hangin' out in her Diaper and eating Watermelon!

 What could be better than this?????

 Papa and his Father's Day card.

 Bailey pretty much hung out in Papa's boots all weekend

 and Klay and Colton fished......but not before they tied everything they could to the four wheeler.

 Colton wearing his three favorite things!  Wranglers, boots and dirt!

My nephew Klay!

Kinley got a much needed haircut. 

My Sister, nephew and Brother in law met us for lunch on their way home from Vacation.  She lives about 3 1/2 hours away and doesn't make it this way very often.

Kinley's friend Sydney had a Cowgirl themed 2nd Birthday Party.  RIGHT UP THIS FAMILIES ALLEY!

 Here we are about to head out!

The first thing we did when we got there was go to the Rodeo.  This was fun for everyone!!! HOT, but FUN!
 Just look at the excitement!!!!

 So Cute! 
 My Little Cowgirl!
 She LOVES wearing her Boots!

 Once she hit the Dance floor, she never got off!  We kept having to move her so she wouldn't get run over by other dancers.  Colton found twenty dollars on the ground and didn't hesitate to hit the store that was located on the grounds. He bought this for his Baby Sister.  Before you think, "Why didn't ya'll try to find the owner of the 20 dollars", let me just tell you, there were HUNDREDS of People out there.  This is literally a hang out spot for every Country Bumpkin nearby!

 Vanessa did a Great job with Sydney's Party!!  Sydney is one lucky little girl :)

 One of Colton's other purchases.
The Next Morning, we had a Garage Sale and the kids had a Lemonade stand.

There you have it.  Our Summer so far.....
Colton is now done with Summer School, so now I feel like Summer can really begin.  Next up, Soccer Camp, My Sister's Baby Shower, Family Vacation and whatever else comes our way.  I hope everyone is having a Great Summer!!!!

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