Sunday, November 13, 2011

I've gotta make a List!!!!

I am one of the Biggest Procrastinators I know! I will have BIG plans  and Great Intentions of getting something done, but by the time I get to it, I'm bored with the idea so I let it slip away and it never gets accomplished.   Usually my list of things to do come to my mind while I'm laying in bed waiting to drift off into dreamland so usually by Morning they are forgotten or the motivation is just not there.  Maybe if I make my list.....and then promise myself to blog about it, I will have more motivation to do it.  So here goes.......

1.  Get caught up on ALL of the Laundry. 
I will need to dedicate a full day to this chore.  Laundry is my LEAST favorite thing to do.  The only perk from doing laundry is finding the occassional $5, 10 dollars that my husband or child has left behind.
  It never stops....You put it in the Washer, then you have to go back and put it in the dryer and then you have to get it all out as soon as the buzzer goes off so your clothes won't be wrinkled.  I am totally guilty of restarting the dryer because I didn't take the clothes out in a timely manner and I need to "fluff" them again before taking them out.  Then comes the fun part!!! Folding them and putting them away.  (That is during Kinley's naptime, otherwise I'll be picking laundry out of every room in the house)  And then....Just when you think your caught up, BAM more loads.....It's a vicious cycle!!!!!

2.  Clean out my Closet.  I love when I can walk in my closet and it's nice and organized and I can see everything, but it never stays that way for long....One shirt thrown on the floor leads to a hundred more.  Then I'm right back where I started.  I take responsibility for this.  I try on 50 things before I decide I'm just too fat and go back to my baggy T-Shirts.  I'll usually hang the first 10 items back up, but after that, it's all over with!

3.  Lose at least 10 pounds by Christmas.  I cannot see another picture of me and my 15 chins again,
Not to mention I pay for an online Weight Watchers Program and a Membership to the YMCA every Month. I guess I should start using them.

4.  Clean out my Son's room.  What a joke!!!!  There is no telling what I am going to find once this room is clean.  Maybe I'll find my Husbands missing cell phone. It's so dirty that my son won't even play in there.  There's actually NO WHERE to play!  I have never let his room go on like this for this long, but I have just been dreading the idea of walking in there, much less cleaning it!  I hope there is no food under the bed because it's not going to be pretty!!!!

5.  Decorate my House for Christmas!!! Now this, I am looking forward to.  I plan on getting this done this week. 

6.  Cook more meals and do it with a smile!   I'm not happy about it, but I am not a good cook.  I've tried, but everything always turns out so bland.  My Husband on the other hand is an AWESOME cook.   He can make anything taste good.  The downside to this is he also thinks my cooking is bland.  (Recipes gladly accepted)  I think I'll start using my crockpot again.  I usually can't go wrong with that. 

7.  Wear Makeup more.  If I came home to what my Husband comes home to, I might just turn around and walk back out.  I need to start getting up in the morning and making myself presentable whether I'm going somewhere or not. 

8.  Look into some online classes.  I'm not getting any younger and eventually my kids won't need a Stay at Home Mom.  I need to have a plan because I don't think my husband will go for having a Stay at Home WIFE!!!

9.  Color my Hair.  I have been fighting gray hair since I was in my 20's.  It's peaking out again and laughing at me everytime I look in the mirror. 

10.  Get my Christmas Cards made!

Hopefully I can start tomorrow getting some of these things crossed off of my list!

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  1. These are all things I need to put on my "list", well when I start one! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness - this cracked me up! I can so relate to your list, particularly 3, 4 & 6.

    Great post! :-)