Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Jake Sightings!!!!

Well, it's day 3 that Jake has been stopping by. This Morning the kids found him in Santa's chair with Santa and an ornament off of the tree. We also had the Tooth fairy drop by last night because Colton had one of his teeth knocked out yesterday at School. (Thank Goodness it was a baby tooth!) Anyway, this Morning Colton said, "Wouldn't that be funny if the Tooth fairy and elf would have met each other last night and fell in love???" Hmmmm, I think this kid might have a few romantic bones in his body.

Jake Sighting, Day #4

When my son saw where Jake was, he said, "I knew he'd end up there one day!"
I guess this is as close to a Reindeer as Jake could get!

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