Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Say Cookies!!!!

It seems as though I am doing everything early concerning Christmas this year.   I have been Christmas Shopping online for a few months now,  I've bought new decorations, We've been to see Santa and Now it's time to start trying to get that Perfect Picture for the Christmas Cards.  I tried not to be too picky this year.  I just wanted the kids to have fun with it.  Our idea was going to be to make cookies and the kids were going to pose in their aprons with their cookies for the card.  This doesn't really work out well with a one year old.  The Kids did make their cookies and I have the mess to prove it.  As soon as the tray of cookies came out, Kinley went to grabbing!!!!  We went through SEVERAL wet wipes throughout this process.   Needless to say, the cookies were out of the picture, literally.   Here's some of the ones we took.  I'm not sure yet which ones I'm going to use.  Feel free to give me your opinion!!!! 

Bailey was showing them the Green in her teeth from the Cookie.

Wonder how Kinley thought that Plastic Candy tasted!

I'm leaning towards this one.

Kinley finally got her cookie!

She is really enjoying her cookie!

 She makes me LAUGH!!!

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