Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Colton......

Dear Colton,

    I wanted to write to each of you and tell you how much I love you and also note some of the things that you do at this stage of your 7 year old life.

1.  You are so witty.  You have a comeback for everything and it's always a pretty funny one.  I would like to think that you get this from me, but your Dad is pretty witty too.

2.  You are into drawing Ford Trucks.  You can sit for hours drawing truck after truck after truck!  Sometimes, you'll mix it up a little and draw a Toyota or a Dodge.  :)


4.  You still crawl in bed with me sometimes in the Morning before School.   I love that.  I don't get a lot of cuddle time with you these days, so when I do, it makes me so HAPPY!!!!

5.  You are really interested in learning these days.  LAST YEAR, FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!! This year, you're doing Great!  I'm really proud of you Son!

6.  You make me laugh!!!  Some of the things that come out of your Mouth are so funny!!! I laugh sometimes even when I shouldn't!

7.  You are such a GREAT big Brother to Kinley. She loves you so much and I can tell that you love her so much too.  Anytime your hanging out in your room, she is usually right there with you.

8.  You and Bailey fight like Cats and Dogs, but when you are scared, you always call on Bailey for comfort.  I hope you two will always be close.  She is the ONLY ONE that has been by your side YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!

9.  You are a HOARDER!!!!!!  You save EVERYTHING!!!!!  Boxes, paper, pens, pencils, mulch off of the playground, rocks, coke tabs, straws, junk mail, etc.etc.etc....  This does not make for a fun time for me when I have to clean out under your bed or clean out your pockets before washing your clothes.

10.  YOU ARE LOVED!!!!!  I love You so much!!! I can't believe you are already 7 years old!!!!  It won't be long and you won't be my LITTLE boy anymore, but you will ALWAYS BE MY BABY!!!

This is Me and You at Garner State Park in March 2009
I was 3 months pregnant with Kinley.  We hiked all of the trails and you carried your back pack and lead us up everyone of them. Sometimes I had to tell you to slow down because you would get so ahead of  us and I was scared you were going to slide off the side of a cliff.   This was one of my Most Favorite Vacations. 

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