Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Christmas Tree is up and the Stockings are Hung!

I know it's not even Turkey Day, but at this house, we start Christmas Decorating early.  My main reason for this is because My Parents and Greg's Parents come to our House for Thanksgiving and then usually don't come back until after the New Year, therefore they don't get to see our Christmas decorations.  This is why we decorate early.  On November 24th, the House will look like Christmas, but smell like Thanksgiving!!!!!

    This Year I decided I wanted my Christmas Tree to be a little more dramatic than usual.  Usually it's colored lights and ornaments from the past 20 or more years.   My friend Vanessa is Super talented and she's been showing me how to get crafty with Mesh ribbon so I knew I had to incorporate it into my tree.  I picked a candy/cookie theme and then topped it off with a big snowman head.  You should have seen Vanessa's face when she saw my idea for the topper.  I don't think she was exactly thrilled with the Giant Snowman head idea, but I think it all came together nicely.  I have WAY TOO MUCH Christmas stuff and I'm not sure if it's a good idea to bring it all out this year.  Kinley is not the most obedient Child on the planet, so I don't think the Word "No" is going to keep her out of my all of my Christmas decorations.   She's already trying to pull all of my ornaments off the tree, so I guess I'm going to have to tie them on there.  I won't be surprised if this tree at some point throughout the Holidays ends up on top of this child.  She is like Bam Bam from the Flintstones.  She's freakishly strong for a one year old and she has no fear, and I don't think she even feels pain.  As long as I make it through this Christmas without too many things broken and too many presents being unwrapped before they are suppose to be, I will Happy!  I wish the pictures that I took of my tree did it justice, but they don't.  I love the way the tree looks at night.  It gives me such a nostalgic feeling.  Now if it could just get Cold, I could really get into the Spirit. 

Here's my Tree.......

Here's my Wreath!   (Made by my friend Vanessa)

I bought the center piece for my wreath at Hobby Lobby for $10.00. The red & white ornaments and the Letter to Santa ornament came from my box of old Christmas ornaments and the red bells have hung on my door at Christmas time for years. 

and here are our Stockings.....

Now, on to the rest of the House!

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