Thursday, November 10, 2011

So Much for Waiting until the Last Minute!

If you know me or have read some of my past post, you probably know that I DO NOT like to run late.  I am usually early for EVERYTHING!!!  As you may also know, my kids School pictures did not turn out so great this year.  Remember, SNOT!! If not, you can read about it here PictureDay,Take One!   Anyway, today is Picture retake day.  I thought I was prepared, but of course when my Son got out of bed this morning with his fuzzy head, I forgot that we hadn't gone and got his haircut.  Strike One.  I moussed it down as much as I could, so we'll see what happens.  With fear that they would get to School too early and completely somehow stain their clothes or mess up their hair, I decided to wait until the last minute to jump in the Truck and leave to drop them off.  It never occurred to me that my Truck might not start!!!!  OF ALL DAYS for this to happen, it happened.  I turn the key and NOTHING!!! I begin to slightly panic.  I immediately thought, there goes this months tardy party!!  This would be their first tardy EVER!!!!  What do I do, What do I do....O.k. we'll jump in Greg's Truck and go (He has a company car so his Truck is always here.  I hope I can find the keys! .....Wait!!!!  Greg's on Vacation this week and he is at the Deer Lease and so is his Truck!! CRAP!!!!!!  Do I dare drive his Company Car???? I immediately picture myself hitting a Deer in his Company Car since they are running around like crazy this morning.   I've been watching people play dodge ball with these Deer all morning.  I live on a pretty busy street, so this is something I'm getting use to. I'm willing to take the risk.  There are no keys to be found.  Not only are my kids going to be late, but they're going to miss Picture Retakes.   Think, Think...o.k. so I call another Mother.  She graciously agrees to come get my kids, probably knowing that this is going to make her kids late too, but she says, Not a big deal.  Thank You, Thank You!!!!  I dread calling my Husband to tell him that my Truck won't start because he has been telling me to go get a new battery put in for a couple of weeks now. To my Surprise , he's calm.  It did help that he was sitting in his Deer Stand when I called.  No Voice raising in the Deer Stand!!!  He nicely told me where to find his Battery Charger and an extension cord and walked me through the Charging process.  The Truck starts, SWEET!!!!!  Kinley has been sitting in my Truck the whole time pretending to drive while I'm doing all of this.  When I go to get her out, I notice she has picked up my Energy Drink from the cup holder and is going towards her Mouth with it.  That's all I need is a Hyped Up on Rock Star One Year old.  It's getting closer to her lips,  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm saying as she pours it all down her new outfit and all over my seats.  NICE!!!  I came in the house, emailed my friends son's Teacher and pleaded with her to not count him Tardy and explained why.  Hopefully he won't be penalized.  So, instead of looking at this as a Bad Morning, I will take this Moment to be Thankful since this is the Month of Thanksgiving.   I am Thankful that I am able to stay at home and am able to drive my kids to School most mornings. I am Thankful for my Twinkies that stayed in good Spirits even though they knew they were going to be late to School and risk missing the No Tardy Party this Month.   I am Thankful for friends who are willing to risk their kids being late to School, so that they can help mine out.  I am thankful for my One Year old who constantly keeps me on my toes.  I am thankful for my Husband who instead of getting upset with me for not going and getting a new battery when he told me to, instead says, I will take your Truck and get it all taken care of.  I am Thankful that a dead battery is the only thing I have to worry about at this moment. So minor, compared to other People's problems.   I am Thankful for the people who care enough about what's going on with me to have made it to the end of this Story.  There are a lot of other things that I am thankful for, but I will save that for another blog. 

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