Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Since we moved to San Antonio 3 years ago, our house has been the go to house for Thanksgiving.  I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with the fact that we are only an hour away from the Deer Lease and the Men can just jump in the truck after filling their guts and head that way!!!  Greg always gets up around 6:00am to start the Turkey Thanksgiving Morning.   This Morning I decided to get up with him so naturally the camera came out!

Here's my Honey at 6am on Thanksgiving Day cooking our Turkey in his flip flops and Shorts!!!!  Could we please have a little cooler weather so it would actually feel like Thanksgiving!!!!!

Here's his friend that kept him Company.  I think he took pleasure in staring at the Turkey and thinking, BETTER HIM THAN ME!!!!!!

Kinley was so excited when she got up and saw her Daddy.  She's not use to him being home in the middle of the week!
She loves her Daddy so Much!!!!!

Time to go outside and Play.  Not exactly cold enough for the hat, but I think it's so cute so she wore it!

Not exactly sure what this was about, but I thought he was cute so I took his picture.  I love his adventurous spirit!!!

Kinley & PawPaw

After Dinner we decided to take Family pictures!!!!!

Here's my Mom and Dad aka known as MawMaw & PawPaw Melder

This is Greg's Mom and Dad aka Papa & Ninny Kleiber

The Kleiber Gang!!!

Ninny & Papa Kleiber and the Grandkids!!!

The Kleiber's and Melder's .......(My Mom and Dad)

Here's my Gang!!!!  I am so blessed!!!!

This is Mike, Mary, Katie & Klay.....Mike is Greg's Brother!

Throughout the Day, I just walked around taking misc. pictures.....

Bailey and MawMaw making the Fruit Salad

My Dad on the back porch peeling potatoes

Bailey and her two Grandma's (Ninny and MawMaw)

Klay & Colton

Bailey & Katie

My Sister in Law, Mary and Me.

Boys will be Boys!!!!

The Kid Table

The Adult Table......minus Greg and I (We sat at the Bar)  I am Thankful that my table is full of Food and Family!

I think Kinley really enjoyed the Turkey.  She wouldn't even remove it from her mouth to take a picture!

The Men with their Bellies full watching a little football and talking about how they are going to package their next batch of Deer Sausage.

and last but not least.....It wouldn't be Thanksgiving Day without the Sales Papers strowed all over the living room while everyone finds everything they HAVE TO HAVE!!!!!!  Mary usually maps it all out!!!!

It has been a Great Day!  I am Thankful for these People that I have the privilege of calling Family. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!

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