Monday, November 21, 2011

Rain or Shine, The Bike Rodeo must go on!!!!!

Today was an exciting day for Colton.  Today he would get to ride in the Bike Rodeo at School.  This is the first year ever that he has participated because this is the first year he could ride his bike without training wheels.  He has been waiting for this day all year.  This Morning when it started to rain, I was a little discouraged because I thought they might cancel it.  NOPE!!!  The Kids rode their bike in the rain.  It wasn't  HARD rain and it wasn't the whole time, so it was o.k.  Actually it was a little refreshing.  Lord knows we need the rain around here. 

I'll start with the Spectators!

All of the 2nd Grade classes came out to cheer their classmates on.  Here's Bailey ready to cheer her Brother on!

and Miss Kinley too!!!!!

Waiting patiently......

When the Music started, naturally Bailey and her Friend Hannah started to dance!

Some of the Teachers even participated.  This is Bailey's Student Teacher.

Colton's Teacher, Mrs. Braaton.

Colton keepin' it between the cones.  He was a little nervous last night about this part of the Rodeo, but he did GREAT!!!

My Little Man stopping so Mama could take his picture!

Day Dreaming......

Next up, the figure eight!

Good Job Buddy!!!! Way to ride the 8!!!!

Everybody got a ribbon for participating!!! 

Another Fun School Event.  Field Day tomorrow and then they're off for Thanksgiving!!!!!

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