Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MawMaw & PawPaw Come To Town, Day 1

Today my parents came into town for the Thanksgiving Holidays which means I started cleaning when I woke up and didn't stop until they walked in the door.  My Children are programmed to destroy so I don't even bother trying to clean for Company until the very last minute.  It's pointless and I just end up getting really angry.  The kids were at School today so I only had to contend with Kinley.  When it came time to clean the bathrooms, I had to put her down for a nap.  Her favorite snack is toothpaste and it doesn't bother her one bit to stick a hand or two in the toilet.  Things were pretty calm until the kids got off of the Bus and it's been non stop since then. 

Kinley isn't around my Parents that much so it always takes her a little while to warm up.  She wasn't so sure about the whole kissing thing.

My Dad just swoops her up and plays and talks to her until he's won her over.  Works every time!!!!

My Mom always comes bearing gifts so this did peak Kinley's interest.

She got a new ornament so PawPaw was helping her put it on the tree.  He didn't know that she just likes to throw it into the tree and see where it lands. 

My Dad and Colton decided to head outside for a little BB gun action!

Kinley wanted to push her baby doll around, but apparently she can't remember where she left her, but by the look on her face she's trying to figure out why her Baby is not in her stroller. 

Colton & PawPaw

Colton lining up the cans.

Kinley & PawPaw playing Chase.

We're in the house for the night......I'm blogging.....Greg is watching the X factor.....MawMaw is trying to bribe Kinley with a back rub and PawPaw is trying to watch the X factor while fighting off two 7 year olds. 

My eyes are tired.....I think it will be an early night!

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