Monday, November 14, 2011

Number 4 on my List.......DONE!!!!!!

Well, I feel like I've had a somewhat Productive day.  I woke up this Morning with the intention of getting at least one thing on my list done and Guess What,  I actually followed through!  If you missed my list you can see it here. I've gotta make a List!   #4....Clean my Son' room.  All I can say is My Son is lucky he is at School!!!!  After Cleaning his room, I've come to the realization that he is not the only guilty party.  Kinley and Bailey apparently also use his room as a dumping ground too.   I found my Potpourri ball that I've been looking for and my Sunglasses.  (I'm sure these were drug in there by my mischievous one year old.  I also found some of Bailey's clothes and toys.  O.k. before I show you these pictures, I ask that you please do not judge me.  I know I let this go too far and believe me, I feel like I was punished!  This whole out of sight, out of mind thing just doesn't work for me because once I set my sights on it, My mind goes Crazy.  Like I said, my Son is lucky he is at School!!!!! 

Picture One:  This is the view of Colton's room from the doorway.
I would like to tell you that a Tornado actually came through this room, but we all know that is not true.

This is his desk or as he would like to call it, the catch all for things that no longer fit on the floor.

It even spills over into the closet.

Kinley doesn't mind the mess.  It's just more things for her to get into.

These are the half empty water bottles that I found under the bed.  I blame Bailey for this one.  She sleeps in Colton's room with him and she is the one that carries a bottle of Water to bed with her every night.

Here's Kinley on top of the toy box digging through the bag of trash that I easily filled from Colton's room.   I probably threw some things away that I shouldn't but I don't feel guilty.  This is just ridiculous.

This is Colton's dresser (I guess you can call it that)  Apparently, he's not clear on what this is for considering most of his clothes are on the floor.

After 1 bag of trash and 2 bags for Goodwill, my work here is done!  
Mission Accomplished.  CLEAN ROOM!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!
Even Kinley's Happy!!!!

Here's the desk that he can actually work at now. 

I guess I forgot to take pictures of the dresser and closet but they are nice and neat as well.  I am so glad to have this over with.  I'm thinking of not letting anybody back in here until after the Holidays! 
Please feel free to tell me what a Terrible Mother I am for letting this room get so bad.  I've developed a thick skin over the Years!  I can take it!!!!!

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  1. My kids playroom can look like a tornado went through there and what do I do, CLOSE THE DOOR! haha