Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Boosterthon Complete!!!!

First, Before anything else, I would like to Thank Everyone who sponsored Colton and Bailey in their Boosterthon!  They got a lot of Great Prizes and helped raise a lot of money for their Fundraiser and it's all because of You and Your Generosity!   THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to:

Pat & Clayton Kleiber, Mary Kleiber, David & Judy Melder, Vanessa McKee, Lacee Diehl, Deb Oller, Ashley Blakely & Melanie, Tom Sarette, Alfred Olivarez, Joe Uriegas, Jesse Elizondo, Anthony Felan, Silver Eagle Distributors, Tom Montague, Jerry Brown, James Nau, John Tucker, Richie & Tracie Hartis, Larry & Stephanie Galik and David Alvarez.  YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!

I must say I was extremely proud of all of the kids.  They all did Great!!!!  Colton ran 35 laps and Bailey ran 29.  She didn't realize that she only had 1 lap to go to meet 30 when they gave them the countdown to the end so she was a little upset that she didn't hit 30, but I told her 29 was GREAT!!!
They played Great Music and yelled words of encouragement to the kids as they were running and personally I had a Great time watching.  LOVE THIS FUNDRAISER!!!!! 
Here they are getting their pep talk!!

Bailey was excited that her Daddy got to come and watch them run!

Kinley is ready to cheer them on!!!

And their off!!!!

Go Bailey!!!!!!!

Bubba cooling himself down!

Kinley taking a Water Break!!

They got their shirt marked after every lap they ran.

Colton had just ran his last lap and came by to take a Victory Picture.  I'm so proud of him!!!

Me and My Red Faced Bailey right after the run!!! Proud of Her!!!

Kinley calling everyone to let them know how well Colton and Bailey did!

Great Job Timberwood Park Elementary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You Guys are AWESOME!!!!

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