Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dear Kinley........

Dear Kinley,    

     I wanted to tell you how very much I love you and how Happy I am that you came into our lives.
Here are a few things I love about you!

1.  I love whenever I ask you for Big Hugs, you wrap your arms around my neck and squeeze me as  hard as you can.

2.  I love when I open your door in the morning, you jump up with that GREAT BIG smile of yours and you always look so excited to see me.   

3.  I love that when the phone rings, you run around the house frantically looking for it so you can grab it and run it to me.  (Even if it is a telemarketer)

4.  I love that you are still a little confused when friends come over and take off their shoes at the door.  You always pick them right up and follow the person around until they acknowledge that you have their shoes and you want them to hold on to them rather than leave them on the floor.

5.  I love that you are so excited when you hear keys rattling.  You start yelling at the top of your Lungs, "KEYS, KEYS, KEYS!!!!!!!"

6.  I love when it's just you and me in the morning time sitting in the recliner watching a little TV and snuggling.  You are such a good snuggler when you want to be.

7.  I love when Colton and Bailey get home from School and you immediately start loving on them as if you're trying to tell them how much you've missed them all day.

8.  I love when you hand me something and I say, "THANK YOU" , you always say THANNNNN UUUUUUU  back to me.  Such a Sweet little sound and BIG PERSONALITY!!!!

9.  I love that you love me unconditionally even when I don't always deserve it.


This is Me and You on Halloween 2011.  We were getting ready to go eat lunch with Colton and Bailey at School and I thought it would be fun to put you in your Pirate costume.  All the kids loved it.

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