Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two first in one day!!!

I knew this day was coming, but I didn't expect it so soon. This is what I saw this morning when I walked into Kinley's room.

Now the question is, do I convert her baby bed into a toddler bed and worry about her roaming the house at night, or do I keep it as a baby bed and worry about her breaking her neck next time she tries to escape. I think maybe I should nail some boards to the top of the crib and keep her in a little longer. I thought about hot wire, but that's probably considered child abuse!!! KIDDING!!!!!

On to the next First! Her First Haircut!!!! I decided it was time for a haircut because she was starting to sport what kind of resembled a mohawk. Not that there is anything wrong with mohawks, but if I hear someone say, "That sure is a cute little BOY you got there" one more time, I might scream!!!! So now for the photos of my Sweet Kinley and her first salon experience.

Here we are in the waiting area. Of course, my child can not stand at the Lego table like a normal child, she has to sit on top of it.

Here we are getting buckled in. I expected a fit at any moment, but it never happened.

I think she's liking this car thing!

Here's one last look!!!

A car and Elmo's World!!! Can't top that!

Here we go!!!

First Snip!!!!

Checkin' herself out!

She wasn't too sure about the hair dryer!

Struttin' her stuff right out of the Salon.
I love this kid!!!!!

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