Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Santa, Here we come!

Since we moved to San Antonio in 2008, we have made it a yearly tradition to visit Santa Claus at Bass Pro Shops. It's only 15 minutes away and they have the BEST Christmas display. I know, that's a matter of opinion, but if you're into the outdoors look, then Bass Pro Shops Christmas Scene would be right up your ally! I know it's early, but if we wait to go after Thanksgiving, then you have to get a number and walk around the store for an hour waiting for it to be your turn. No Thank You! We make a night of it. We do pictures, we let the kids play games and we eat at the Fabulous restaurant that's right there in the store.
Kinley was NOT going to sit in Santa's lap, but she could be coaxed by a Candy Cane to come a little closer.

She thought she was going to grab and go, but Santa had other plans.  He held on to the wrapper and she wasn't about to let go, so she was forced to have a little conversation.

They added a carousel to the mix this year!  I think the kids rode it about 16 times. 

The Shooting range
Bailey mailing her letter to Santa
Colton mailing his letter to Santa

This was the last ride of the night.  Seriously, they rode it about 16 times!

We attempted some pics by the fireplace and tree.  Kinley wasn't into it.  She was only into the Candy that was in her mouth and the candy that her Daddy was shaking around behind my head trying to get her attention. 

I don't know if this is a cry or a laugh.  I honestly don't remember taking this picture.  That's pretty bad since it was just taken last night.

On to the Craft table, where the plan was to make Santa ornaments.  Colton glued one Popsicle stick and he was done.  His mind was on the Train set near by.  I ended up finishing his ornament, but I enjoyed it.

Here we are with our finished ornaments!

and here's the train set that kept Colton from finishing his Craft.  I can't say that I blame him.

More pics on the carousel

All in all, it was a Great night!!!  The kids had all this fun and it cost us NOTHING!!!!  Did I mention the Santa pics are FREE!!! 
Oh, I almost forgot.....Here's the Santa Picture!!!  We all had to get in because Kinley was having no part of being in that picture without us.  She barely made it with us! 


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