Monday, September 12, 2011

Silly Goose

This little girl CRACKS ME UP!!! She is always ready to make you laugh. She has become very interested in dressing up lately and then flaunting herself around. She can't always get the "costumes" on herself, but she will bring them to me and motion for me to help her out. I really get a kick out it.

Here she is in Colton's Cowboy Hat hamming it up for the Camera.

I don't even know where these glasses came from. They just appeared on her face one day.

This one might be my favorite :) She already had the necklace on, but she brought me the goggles and the hat and then bent her head down to let me know that I needed to put them on her.
I'm sure there will be many pictures to come of Kinley's little Costumes.... It pretty much occurs on a daily basis. :)

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