Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's the little things that count

Yesterday was my 35th Birthday. Usually my Birthdays are just another day. Not really a big deal. This year, I felt really Special. I woke up to the Sweetest Post from my husband on facebook. That was enough for me. The fact that he went public about how he feels MADE MY DAY!!!! While I was getting the kids ready for School, Greg gave me my gift. Not an expensive gift, but one of the Best gifts ever!!!! A Slideshow of myself, and people that I love. PRICELESS!!! I was so happy to get that. He also gave me the SWEETEST card ever and a movie. LOVED IT ALL!!!! He took the day off of work so he could spend it with me. Like I said, in my Title, It's the little things that count. He arranged for my in laws to come into town so that he could take me to a Movie and Dinner. (The Dinner was expensive, but it was the time that I got to spend with him that meant the most. We don't have a lot of one on one time these days.) That really meant a lot to me because Greg isn't really a movie person, so I knew he was doing it just for me. He also bought me this lovely cake (shown below) I also love facebook, because EVERYONE you know acknowledges your Birthday which is AWESOME!!!! Everytime you look, there is a new Happy Birthday post which just made my day all over again. It was a GREAT DAY!!!!

I love these guys so much!

These are the Yummy Cheesecake Cupcakes that my Mother in law made!!! So GOOD!!!

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  1. Hi there! I 'm following you back, your family is beautiful! I would love a recipe for those cheesecake cupcakes if you could snag if from you MIL!