Monday, August 27, 2012

On a Pontoon......

This Summer my Husband decided he would like to have a Pontoon Boat. We've looked at a couple, but no big purchase was made.  He decided last week that we would go to Canyon Lake and rent one for a few hours to see how we liked it.  I love being on the water but honestly I can't remember the last time I was on a boat in the Lake.  The Kids were SUPER EXCITED and so was Greg for that matter.  We loaded up our Cooler and off we went. 

                    Perfect Day for the Lake. 
Naturally Kinley wanted to drive....

 but she gave it up so she could eat lunch
I was a little nervous when Greg decided to take a seat across from me in the front of the boat and let Colton and Bailey take over the wheel, but I decided not to be my Motherly self and didn't say a word.  They did Great....except for the arguing between the two of them because one thought the other got more driving time. 
It didn't take long for Greg to find a spot and jump in.  I like it when he acts like a Big Kid!
Here we go.....
Everybody had a lot of fun jumping out of the boat over and over and over....
Kinley was sitting in my lap enjoying the scenery and the next thing I know, she was out.  I took this opportunity to jump in myself.   
Coming up on our fourth hour the sky got dark and it started to rain.  We were ready to call it a day anyway so we headed in.  We had a lot of fun and Greg decided we didn't need our own boat.  It's much better to rent one and not have to deal with the maintenance.  That decision was just fine with me!
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