Sunday, October 2, 2011

One of many Weekends at the Deer Lease

Ninny getting kisses from Kinley while they're waiting for Greg to get done skeet shooting.

Greg yells pull and Bailey pulls. Just what every little girl wants to do :)

Daddy's Helper

This little girl is into EVERYTHING!!! It is a chore to keep up with her especially at the Deer Lease.

Happy Girl!

Papa filled this bucket with sand a couple of years ago for the kids to play in. There is no telling what all has been mixed up in this thing, but it still serves it's purpose.

Riding Papa's golf cart is Bailey's favorite thing to do at the Deer Lease. We've just let her start venturing out on her own with it this year.

Ninny cooking what Papa said last night was one of the BEST pot of green beans he's ever had.

If you're eating, Kinley's begging.

Bailey taking Ninny and Kinley for a ride.

This is PaPa Kleiber and his little red truck. He's had this truck since 1986 and refuses to let it go. So, now it's become a permanent fixture at the Deer Lease.
Kinley's shoes were a little too big and the tops of her feet kept coming out. Ninny decided to gray tape them and it actually worked.

What could be better than this. As long as there is a 4 wheeler available, these two are on them. (Colton & Klay) I guess they needed a break, so they found a shade tree and rested a while.

We thought we'd see how Kinley liked riding in the basket because she loves to ride on the 4 wheeler. As you can see, the basket didn't go over so well.

My Kinley loves her accessories!

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